Chili con carne

We had chili con carne last night and I have to say it. I really do make the best chili! As usual, we made cornbread in the large castiron frying pan. We put the pan in the oven and sat in the kitchen, reading our current “read-aloud” book, French Revolutions by Tim Moore, and watching the cornbread through the oven window. What the??? The cornbread… after about 3 minutes in the oven, suddenly T announced that he thought something had been strange with the batter; he had forgotten to put the egg in. So he pulled the pan out of the oven, dumped the warmed contents back into a mixing bowl and stirred in a beaten egg. All the while, he claimed that the batter wasn’t that hot and it wasn’t going to cook the egg. Back into the oven…. Very interesting results. It was a little like a dense fat cornmeal pancake – much better than my expectations. But we think we will not change the instructions to reflect this new method.