choosing what spice to sprinkle on coffee

summary: Cafe Latte made in a Vesuviana Coffee Maker; favourite and least favourite spice choices to sprinkle over top; (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

Cafe Latte I love the cafe latte (or cafe au lait, if you prefer) that we make in our Vesuviana electric coffee maker. That wonderful little machine really does make the best coffee!

I have been commuting every day this past week, leaving very early and arriving home quite late. I’ve been missing our coffee.

Really missing it.

spices For sprinkling overtop the perfectly foamed milk, I alternate between grated Mexican spiced chocolate (chocolate spiced with cinnamon and chili), cardamom or cinnamon. Lately, cinnamon has been my favourite. We keep those particular spices in alphabetically ordered jars on a little shelf beside the stove.

And this morning we inadvertently tried a new spice mix with our coffee. (Did you hear that ominous chord eeeeek when I typed “new spice mix”?) A spice mix that caused the beautiful milk foam to disappear entirely. A spice mix that caused agonized wailing.

What was this spice mix that starts with “C”, you ask?

Brrr. I can hardly keep my fingers on the keyboard to type the words. It was:

  • celery salt

Guess how it tasted.

Hint: Don’t try this at home. :stomp:

At least it wasn’t straight cayenne.

Hmmm… on second thoughts, straight cayenne might have been better.

(Suffice it to say that the flavour was so bad that I almost longed for a styrofoam cup of store-bought hot brown liquid posing as coffee.)


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1 response to “choosing what spice to sprinkle on coffee

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    My mother’s signature spice for potato salad … doesn’t go in coffee! That would tend to knock your socks off.

    Indeed… although we managed to scrape most of it off (including almost all the not so foamed milk layer) so that the coffee was drinkable. I don’t think we’ll be trying THAT again soon though.
    (hmm, never thought of putting celery salt in potato salad; must remember to try it.)


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