Christmas Baking: it’s not for us!!

feed the hungrysummary: Christmas giving; childhood memories; mincemeat; apricot jam; not everyone is as fortunate as we are: links to various charities; link to Advent calendar; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Yesterday, I mentioned that one of the reasons I was late with my BBB post was because of baking bread for a bake sale.

When I was growing up, my mother baked the most wonderful things. Her bread was stellar – I wish I could get the loft she got! And her cookies, brownies, birthday cakes were wonderful too. I loved coming home from school and getting waves of deliciousness wafting from the kitchen as I stomped snow off my galoshes (yes, in those days, we wore galoshes) and pulled off Dad’s big wool socks that I had on over my shoes.

And I would race into the kitchen to see trays galore of perfect cookies. Or cake. Or brownies. Or butter tarts.

And even though the following didn’t happen every time, for some reason, it’s what I remember most. Here’s how our conversation would go:

she: Oh!! Is school over already?
me: [ignoring the question entirely and pointing at the table] Can I have one?
she: No. They’re not for us.
me: [trying to contain the anguish] Not even one of the ones from the edges?
she: No. They’re for the [insert charity name here] bake sale.

I still have the phrase, “not for us”, ringing in my ears. :stomp:

And yet suddenly. I have become Mum.

HSO Festive Bread Because when I made these three festive stars/flowers for a bakesale last week, and pulled them out of the oven, I heard myself replying to T, “No. They’re not for us.”

And they looked and smelled so good too!

One of them was filled with T’s mincemeat. We didn’t have any almonds on hand so he used cashews instead. Oh my!!! We’re never using almonds again! Cashews in mincemeat are fabulous.

apricot jam I filled the other two flowers/stars with this year’s NFFTT apricot jam. It is intensely apricotty and really delicious.

In fact, they looked and smelled so good that I decided we neeeeeeeeded to have one for us. I made the dough this morning, using the pulla recipe and omitting the cardamom. I just finished deflating it so it can rise one more time before shaping.

Festive Bread wp-image-2361
Festive Bread

Hmmmm, what filling shall I use?


Of course, not all bake sale profits go to non-profit orchestras and/or choirs. There are bake sales set up to benefit many other worthy organizations.

As we are racing around, decorating our houses, visiting friends and family, feasting, playing music, it’s easy to ignore those in our communities who don’t have as much as we do.

In this time of giving, please remember to give to those who need….

empty bowl Please remember that there are impoverished and hungry people everywhere in the world. And there are many organizations attempting to feed these people. Here are just a few possibilities. Please look in your community for others:


Also, please remember to look at my annual Advent calendar (I know you can’t wait, but… don’t even THINK about peeking ahead).



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