Christmas baking

Well, don’t I feel smug. This year’s vínarterta has been in its tin for 4 days. My sister and I spent last Tuesday making two cakes and playing our heavily altered insane version of Scrabble while we waited for layers to bake. It’s going to be the best! In past years, the cakes have been on the dry side and always underaged at Christmas because we never got it together to make them until late November or early December. But last February, after tasting the small amount of vínarterta that was left over from the previous Christmas, I knew we HAD to make the cakes earlier.

I even managed to remember to take the butter out of the fridge early that morning and put it into the oven with only the light turned on so it would soften. The kitchen is already too cold to get the butter to soften on the counter. I had all the ingredients ready to go into the cake when my sister arrived.

This year’s cake dough was wonderfully soft and elastic. We don’t know if it was because of using room temperature butter and eggs or if it was because of the double yolk (!!) eggs that we used. I have no idea why all dozen of the eggs we bought recently had double yolks. Good omen??

As I was stirring the filling and wondering if it was thick enough, I was stopped by a judicious nod from cooking the it too much so it was EXACTLY the right consistancy for spreading. We had none of the problems we have had in other years. Smug Smug Smug.

And who won the Scrabble game? I spent a lot of time shopping for letters to try to get “amazing” onto the board until I realized that there was no spot to put it down (unless “gup” is a word). I thought I might be okay because my sister was busy shopping for some time in an attempt to get quetzel(!) down until she realized the same thing – there was no place to put it. I did manage to make two 7 letter words but those can’t compete with three 7 letter words. I’m afraid I lost by a few hundred points (or was it a thousand??) Hmmm. Not quite so smug as I thought.