Christmas Eve dinner report

It’s not that we haven’t been eating! And eating well too! I just got very distracted with drawing new images every day for this year’s tiny holly ©ejm2004Advent calendartiny holly ©ejm2004!

Our annual Christmas Eve dinner took place one day early because of work conflicts. But we had the best time. One of our guests was actually bouncing up and down in the kitchen when she arrived and learned that we were starting with our chicken liver pate with melba toast. We had made it especially for her at her request but she had forgotten that she had requested it… I thought she was going to faint when she found out that we had packed up her very own bowl of it for her to take home.

I had also made the most stellar cheddar cheese biscuits – small coins of melt-in-your-mouth golden bliss. I added the tiniest hint of finely crushed chili pepper to the dough. Killer! One of our friends moaned and sighed in ecstasy, “Who needs a gall bladder?!” I also julienned some carrots and celery just so we would have something slightly less rich to counter the insanity.

Then we continued with steamed clams garnished with watercress and a loaf of our French-style bread (wine KWV chenin blanc: perfectly crisp and tart – just the thing!). Then onto paella and sugarsnap peas (wine: our house favourite Farnese Sangiovese Daunia 2002). And we finished with poached pears – this is definitely the year for wine poached pears! – garnished with shaved Argentinian Sardo and a couple of ginger shortbread stars. Yes, I finally made the cookies described for the IMBB#10: Cookie Swap!

Then into the living room for mint tea and a bit more ginger shortbread. And that was just the beginning of the Christmas feasting….