Merry Christmastide to all!

summary: Merry Christmas to all! rationing; feasting anyway; indoor cat goes fishing; Orange Appeal mussels revisited with Pernod replacing the fennel; a tagine is the best;

In keeping with tradition, we like to celebrate Christmas over a number of days. None of this “one night and we’re done” for us!

Yesterday was Boxing Day and I confess that we were very lazy. Except the furry black fiend. He was very busy fishing.

cat fish
furry black fiend

Needless to say, we did not join the silly throngs of lost souls who raced to the shopping malls in search of bargains.

Instead, after a leisurely late breakfast of glorious leftovers, we went out for a stroll through the neighbourhood, remarking on how quiet and calm it was.

:hohoho: :hohoho: :hohoho:

This Christmas Season, I uncharacteristically decided at the last minute NOT to make cookies!

Except cheese biscuits. We HAVE to have cheese biscuits.

And chocolate bark. But that’s not cookies.

Our feasting began in earnest on Sunday at our friends’ house next door. We took our fondue pot over to lend to them for their Christmas Eve feast the next day. We stayed for a couple of happy hours, chatting and laughing, and stuffing ourselves on various cheeses, delicious sliced sausage, bread and excellent wine.

The next day, we prepared our Christmas Eve feast. Of course, we used our tagine for the main course. How could we not?

We began in the living room with chicken liver pate and Clark’s bread. Then we moved to the dining room for the first course of mussels based on a recipe in Jamie’s lovely book “Orange Appeal”. It calls for fennel, but fennel can be iffy at this time of year. So, in keeping with our tradition of not quite following Jamie’s recipes to the letter, we substituted with Pernod. (We did follow her gremolata recipe exactly though. Because it’s perfect.)

Then came time for the tagine. Oh my!! How is it that everyone doesn’t cook in a tagine all the time? It’s the ultimate slow cooker!

We finished with thinly sliced aged cheddar and Mum’s fruit cake from last year. (Thank you P for making the cake and sending more for next year!) We always age the cake for an extra 12 months….

Dinner was sublime.

:hohoho: Mussels
Mussels and Gremolata inspired by a recipe in “Orange Appeal” by Jamie Schler

:hohoho: Date Tagine :hohoho:
Date Tagine with Gremolata, green beans and slivered almonds, couscous with mint and pomegranate
Wine: L’Orangeraie Rosé from Pays D’OC

:hohoho: :hohoho: :hohoho:

Here’s hoping that your Christmas Season is equally quiet and calm. And. That your leftovers are equally delicious.

:hohoho: JHC Christmas Card :hohoho:

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:hohoho: :hohoho: :hohoho:

Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet Orange Appeal: Savory and Sweet
by Jamie Schler with photos by Ilva Beretta

Add a little sunshine to every meal with these sweet and savory recipes. – Gibbs Smith Publishing

Jamie Schler offers a collection of sophisticated and sunny recipes using the most versatile of citrus fruits, the orange, in this beautifully photographed [by Ilva Beretta] cookbook. She incorporates the juice, zest, and fruit from many varieties of oranges as well as flavorings, extracts, and liqueurs.
Schler’s sauces, soups, salads, sides, main dishes, breads, and sweets embody the essence of orange and empress diners with recipes such as Orange Fig Sauce, Orange Braised Belgian Endive with Caramelized Onions and Bacon, Beef in Bourbon Sauce, Glazed Apple and Orange Braid, and Chocolate Orange Marmalade Brownies.
Gibbs Smith Publishing


:hohoho: Christmas 2018 :hohoho:

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1 response to “Merry Christmastide to all!

  1. Jamie

    I’m so happy that you made this dish and loved it! And your “little changes” are always fabulous and let me know that variations are possible. I am happy that you are having a wonderful holiday season, taking time to relax as well as enjoying time with friends. Wishing you a Happy New Year and a 2019 of joy, health, and prosperity. xo

    edit: We loved it, Jamie! Both ways – with the fennel when we could get good fennel and with Pernod when decent fennel wasn’t available to us. And it has reminded us of the other bookmarked recipes in your book that we haven’t yet tried. Happy New Year and all the best to you too! -Elizabeth


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