Coccodrillo revisited

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a spectacular failure. After reading the rave reviews about coccodrillo from Carol Field’s The Italian Baker in the newsgroup, I decided I’d try it again even though I knew it was going to be tricky because this particular dough is so slack. (Slack? hahahahhaha – try runny.)

I made the final (ummm) dough (more like loose porridge) and poured it into the rising bowl. After more than 22 hours, it STILL hadn’t risen! I don’t think I killed the yeast – there were big bubbles but it really didn’t move much at all….

The kitchen is cold
Gloppy dough bubbles slowly
Damn snow on the roof

So I added some more flour, kneaded it in and STILL the stupid stuff just sat there bubbling for several hours. The next day, after some deliberation, I went ahead and pretended that the unrisen bubbling mess was a salty poolish (it was still salty even though I substantially reduced the salt called for – that was probably the main reason, aside from the insane cold in our kitchen, that the dough didn’t rise)

I added a little more yeast, another cup of water and at least two more cups of unbleached all purpose flour. The resulting bread is okay – edible, anyway. And the birds are staring through the window in disbelief that they didn’t get to stuff themselves silly.

But we really can’t have language of that vivid colour and decibel level in this house again. So, alas. I admit defeat. I’m afraid that I won’t be making coccodrillo again for a very long time….

Or is it spelled “cocodrillo”?


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