Yesterday, even though it was hot, I made sandwich bread (good thing I didn’t put it off until today – today it is revoltingly hot). Because it was so warm, I let the dough rise on the counter instead of in the oven with the light turned on (as is my habit when the kitchen is cold). This meant that I did not have to put the little handwritten memo saying bread dough in oven!! placed on the oven dial. Nor did I have to use the other little handwritten memo saying bread dough ON oven!! that I put on the top of the toaster oven when I put shaped loaves there. (Don’t ask….)

For months, maybe even years, I’ve used the same scraps of paper, throwing the little memos into the drawer where the bread pans go as soon as the oven is turned on.

Because it was so hot in the kitchen, the rising dough got away from me and I was sort of in a panic to stop the dough from oozing on down the rising bowl. I grabbed the tins out of the drawer. Handily, they were already lined with parchment paper used the time before. I plunked the shaped loaves into the tins, covered them with their plastic hats and left them to rise on the counter.

Of course, the three loaves rose in record time because of the heat and into the oven they went to bake. (Yikes!! What kind of ninny turns on the oven when it’s 30C outside??) And in the end, beautiful loaves they were. When they were done, I released them from the tins and set them to cool on wire racks. There, embedded thoroughly on the bottom of one of the loaves was

bread dough in oven!!


bread dough ON oven!!

Yes. In my haste to shape the bread, I didn’t notice that both notes were inside one of the bread tins. And no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get the papers off the bottom crust. So… our sandwiches have the crusts cut off the bottom and the memos are now in our compost heap.

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  1. ejm Post author

    Hmmm, lately, I seem to be having fewer triumphs. Wait til you hear about my pototo salad soup that I made last night…. (I’ll write about it if I have the courage AND after I stop feeling like I’m melting… it’s 28C and humid in this room right now and is apparently going up to at least 30C outside.

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