Cranberry beans

At last there are fresh cranberry beans (aka “roma”, aka “borlotti”) at the market. We have been dying to try them in a new (to us) recipe for Tagliatelle “Enbogonè” (Tagliatelle with Fresh Borlotti Bean Sauce) that is in the May2004 issue of SAVEUR. We made the dish in May, using dried pinto beans and it was really wonderful. But at the top of the recipe, it says the dish is “best made with fresh, not dried, beans”. Well, it seemed hard to believe that the dish could possibly be better with fresh beans. And I must confess that, to me anyway, it was virtually the same – simply wonderful. It was fun using fresh beans though and they were really delicious – very creamy. What is in the sauce? Onion, garlic, blackened dried cayenne chili, olive oil, fresh plum tomatoes, fresh cranberry beans, fresh sage, fresh rosemary, ham, salt and pepper. We tossed it in egg noodles (spaghettini) and garnished with grated toscanello cheese. Next time, we’ll use less or no cheese. It was a bit like gilding the lily.