Did you remember to have shroves on Tuesday?

summary: Buckwheat crepes stuffed with creamed ham and spinach for Shrove Tuesday (click on image to see more photos of making crêpes)

buckwheat crepes (photo ejm Feb2006) I have to say that we almost forgot to have shroves. But on Monday, as I looked at the calendar to check that I would be going where I was supposed to this week, I saw the entry on the Ontario Milk calendar for 28 February: “Pancake Tuesday”.

We thought about having shroves for breakfast but then I remembered the amazing buckwheat crêpes we had in Lyon after riding our bikes from the airport. What a way to shake off the blahs of a long flight from Toronto! Yes, it might seem odd that we chose to have something more suited to Bretagne. But not when you consider that we had ridden for about an hour through pouring rain. The restaurant we stopped at was the first that we saw. It was warm and inviting and the proprieter was equally so.

And so, that is what we decided we needed to recreate that lovely dinner: Buckwheat Crêpes stuffed with creamed ham and spinach and apple cider.

Good apple cider is not easy to find here. Or at least what we consider to be good apple cider. For some unknown reason, Canadian apple cider is horrendously sweet and perfumed. We decided to try Strongbow from England. It’s perfect! It is dry and tastes of tart apples and is quite similar to what I remember of the French cider we had on that rainy autumn day.

I took photos galore last night as T cooked crêpes. And many of them turned out very well. As soon as I can, I’ll upload them. (These photos are turning into a bit of a nightmare. We have so many new folders of unuploaded photos of various things that we have prepared but the clock keeps ticking too fast and the folders multiplying constantly!

Have you read Tea and Cookies: Diary of a Mad Food Blogger ? Now I’m worried that someone must have installed a hidden camera in our house, because that MUST be about me!

Edit 1 March 2006 @ 14:14 EST: I must be entirely out of my mind. You can now see more photos of making crepes. I hope that they aren’t too dark (and/or too light). I fear that I need to get a new video card for this computer… or is it a new monitor?

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4 responses to “Did you remember to have shroves on Tuesday?

  1. Ivonne

    Fantastic, Elizabeth!

    I actually forgot about Shrove Tuesday, or at least until it was too late to do anything about it! I would have loved to have had some blueberry buttermilk pancakes. But your crepes shall suffice!!!

    By the way I received my copy of “The Italian Baker”. Having looked through it, I understand why you speak so highly of it!

  2. ejm Post author

    The crepes were unbelievably good, Ivonne! You’ve got to try them.

    Oooooh, have fun with “The Italian Baker”! Have you made a biga yet? (I usually halve the recipe and just leave it on the counter overnight)

  3. MrsBrown

    We were too frantically busy to have shroves on Tuesday so we had shroves on Sunday. I followed your instructions for the crepes exactly (I sort of followed the filling instructions–no mushrooms but asparagus instead). The crepes were brilliant. We had them one at a time rather than the way you presented them. Fantastic!! When they were gone, we kept looking under the tea towel in the hopes that since the last time we looked there would magically be another one. Hmm, MrBrown’s birthday is coming up, perhaps he’d like to have crepes for his birthday dinner…

  4. ejm Post author

    I know what you mean, MrsBrown. I wanted to have them again right away too. Aren’t they fantastic?

    I’m glad you liked them too. And good idea to use asparagus! Hmmm, maybe we should celebrate MrBrown’s birthday here too.


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