do something foolish? make fuhl

We decided that we would have pasta with cranberry beans tonight. But because there’s no hope of getting fresh cranberry beans in January, and no dried cranberry beans (aka Romano) in the cupboard, we’re using dried pinto beans instead. Last night I washed them (man, were they dusty!!) and set them to soak overnight, to cook them this morning. Everything was going well this morning; they were simmering and… and… nobody heard the timer go off!! So the beans got too soft. At first we thought they were ruined and were about to tip them into the compost container when suddenly the word “fuhl” burst out. (Never mind that it was “fool”. We heard “fuhl”.) So what if fuhl is traditionally made with fava beans. It must work with just about any bean.

So out came the potato masher, the lemon squeezer, some olive oil and chopped garlic. We fried the garlic in some of the oil and added it along with pepper and chicken stock powder (instead of salt) to the mashed lemony beans. We made toast and spread it with warm fuhl. What a great lunch!! We’re brilliant (well, maybe not, but we’re no fools).

There goes the bell for tonight’s beans! We’re not going to miss THAT again today….

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  1. ejm Post author

    Glad to be of service, Rowena, and also glad to hear that you may have found a source of cardamom. I know what you mean about going cross-eyed with comments! I’m going even more cross-eyed because I’ve just recently installed this blog and am still trying to configure things!

    Yes, that beans and pasta dish is phenomenally good. We didn’t have ham the other night so made tiny meatballs (ground pork with a bit of nutmeg, salt and pepper), caramelized them and then proceeded with the recipe. Mmm mmm good!

    (Rowena was replying to a comment made in Who Wants Seconds – Cinnamon & Cardamom Buns (

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