Do you hear what I hear?

summary: Merry Christmas to All!! Do you hear what I hear? (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Ha!! I made it!!! And just under the wire too. The table is set for tonight and I just pulled beautiful looking pulla out of the oven – all ready for tomorrow morning.

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house,
Not a cre….

Errmmm…. It’s not midnight yet; did you hear that jingling sound?

stocking But really. What on earth would possess supposedly thinking adults to get a kitten four weeks before Christmas? (I just pulled the little thing out from behind the printer) Yes…. It’s true, we have no minds.

Yesterday, in between pulling the cat off the dining room table or luring him away from the string of shiny green beads on the stairs (“Here Kitty Kitty!! Don’t you want to play with this nice hacky sack ball?”), I mixed cookie and bread dough, wrapped presents, vaccuumed and decorated the house as best I could, thinking all the while that it just isn’t the same without a tree.

On the other hand, the kitten is insanely cute. He is alternately sweet and cuddly or completely wild and wayward. The other night as I was clicking away on the computer, I heard a scrabbling sound behind me. I turned around to see that he was on the top of the clothes rack. The clothes rack that isn’t really that stable. The clothes rack that stands about 5 feet high. Eeeek!!

kitten I took him off and naturally, because he’s a cat, he immediately climbed back up. I decided to let him stay up there a little until he discovered he couldn’t get down on his own. But just after taking these photos, he was suddenly precariously hanging on to the top rung just by his front paws. I thought it wiser to rescue him than to take a photo of him with his little back paws scrabbling to find a foot hold somewhere. Auggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

This was one of the reasons we decided not to put the tree up….

But now all is calm. And I’m looking around and thinking that we don’t need the tree to make things feel like Christmas. Not at all.

Here’s to all having a very merry Christmas (but not too merry if you’re a kitten)…. :hohoho: :stomp: :hohoho:

:hohoho: Merry Christmas! :hohoho:



Oops!!! I just remembered! I haven’t made the cranberry sauce for tomorrow yet!! Quick!! Maybe I can get it done before the cat wakes up!



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