Oh boy! Another new toy!

summary: giving in to fashion trends; we have a new toy: a dough whisk;

dough whisk

Late this morning, we rode our bikes up the street to the vegetable store to get lettuce for tonight’s dinner. We thought we’d stop at the kitchen store next door to see if they had dough whisks. They did. The handles were poorly sanded wood and the whisks were huge. And they cost $19 each.

We got back on our bikes and pedalled up the road to the hardware store to look at their dough whisks. Nope. They didn’t have any. They’d never heard of them. :lalala:

Suddenly, we were on a mission….

We headed towards the kitchen store at Yonge and Bloor. Nope. They didn’t have any. They didn’t know what they were either.

We knew there were whisks at Lee Valley but by then, we neeeeeeeded lunch. We went south to Adelaide Eats outdoor food court at Adelaide and York. They aren’t open on the weekend. We headed towards St. Lawrence Market (where there is lunch). After lunch we went to the fabulous kitchen supply store in St. Lawrence Market. I asked the woman if she had any dough whisks. Yes! And she marched briskly to the back wall, picked up two different sizes and said, “I love my small whisk. I use it all the time.”

And so, 20km (or so later) I am now the proud owner of a dough whisk with a beautifully sanded wooden handle.

Now. Where shall I store it?

Why I suddenly needed a dough whisk

Aside from the fact that my hands get insanely gloppy when making slack dough bread AND that the wooden spoon is diabolically difficult to clean when mixing wild yeast dough, I probably don’t need this at all. But…

These are the answers I got in FB, when I asked if I neeeeeeded to get a dough whisk:

“I use mine, especially when I don’t want very sticky dough all over my hands.” – Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
“I haven’t used mine in years. I mean, it works well enough on slack dough, batter, and initial mixing, but I’m lazy and it was a pain in the butt to clean.” – Kelly, A Messy Kitchen
“Whàt?? You don’t have one already? Go go get out and get one!” – Karen, Bake My Day
“Hang it on something, Elizabeth. BTW they are available at Lee Valley Tools. You’re welcome.” – Ed, friend and work colleague
“I say get it – you obviously love making bread and it is a new toy to enjoy. [Store it in your] undergarment drawer or get a big long bowl that is where I store my wooden spoons” – Diane, friend and work colleague
“I’m no bread baker, but I do recognize an essential tool when I see one” – Dave, friend and work colleague
“Yes. You definitely need it. […] [D]on’t worry about storage. Hang it on the wall or display it in your living room.” – Hazel, friend and work colleague
“I love mine! I got an all stainless one.” -Karen K, Karen’s Kitchen Stories

And this is what I found on the internet:

I recently told someone that I was totally over my phase of buying kitchen stuff all the time. With a straight face, I explained that I was content with my current equipment, and that I needed nothing more, really. […] I have put it to the test several times by now, and I am fully satisfied by its performance, be it in dealing with the above-mentioned choux pastry, the shaggy dough necessary to make no-knead bread, or yogurt scone batter.
    Its secondary, less obvious usage is in guessing games, during which participating friends might speculate that it is really, and I quote, a racket to beat the dust out of carpets, or the latest model of scalp massager.
-Clothilde, Chocolate & Zucchini, Danish Dough Whisk
At first glance, it looks like a cross between a magical scepter and a random doodle in a high school notebook, or maybe a decent kitchen tool that got mangled in a vacuum cleaner accident. But the dough whisk, also called “brodpisker” in its native Denmark, is no lame single-use, flash-in-the-pan, late-night infomercial gimmick. Strong enough to slice through the thickest no-knead bread dough while being gentle enough to blend the most delicate pancake batter, this misshapen tool actually makes a whole lot of sense.
-Adina Steiman, Epicurious, This Danish Dough Whisk Can Make Any Bread, Cake, or Muffin Better

Clearly, I did neeeeeeeeed to get a dough whisk… I’ll let Kelly know if she needs to get hers out of storage. :-)


edit 1 August 2017: I LOVE the whisk so much that I revised my list of Essential Equipment for Bread Baking. Kelly, I think you may need to dust your dough whisk off and discover its wonders. :-)

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