Dumplings, the right way

summary: comfort food: chicken stew with dumplings; evil bots still preventing commenting (click on image for larger view and more photos)

Now that it’s getting chilly, I’m craving soups and stews

dumplings We roasted a chicken the other day and, of course, made stock. Wonderful, flavourful, aromatic stock.

Then as we breathed in the life-giving fragrance, we talked about what we’d make with the stock. I kept vying for chicken stew with leeks and dumplings and couldn’t understand why T kept turning his nose up at it.

Suddenly I understood. He didn’t know that dumplings HAVE to be baked! That they’re ALWAYS baked! At least they always were in our house when I was growing up.

Sure, dumplings that are steamed on the stove-top are good. But dumplings that are baked are better. Way better.

chicken a la king

The evil bots appear to be slowing down but I don’t dare to turn commenting on quite yet. I’m waiting until the error messages are spaced apart by at least 24 hours. (It’s up to 6 hours now….)

edit March 2015: I finally have commenting allowed again! Whoohooooo! (read more here about the hoops I jumped through)



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