EoMEoTE#10 – green eggs and naan

Remarkably, it’s the end of the month already. (I don’t know why I’m surprised really – time does fly after all.) Well actually it’s the beginning of the next month. And that means only one thing. Two words: Eggs. Toast. So without further ado…

Green Eggs and Naan (with abject apologies to Dr.Seuss’ estate)for green eggs and naan - altered from a drawing in 'Green Eggs and Ham' with apologies to Dr.Seuss' estate

Do I like green eggs and naan?
Who could not like green eggs and naan?

I would eat them in the house;
I would eat them with my spouse;
I would eat them in the kitchen;
…any room, don’t matter which in;

I would eat them with a fork;
Twisting it with lots of torque;
(give me a break, so I’m not Dr.Seuss….)
I would eat them with my fingers
Who cares if the chili lingers?

You could say I am a fan.
Why yes! I love green eggs and naan!

Okay, that’s enough of that. The other day I was staring at the herbs in the garden and bemoaning the fact that there was no coriander and the cayenne pepper plant hardly has any fruit on it (too much shade in the garden – not that I’m complaining, the shade has been wonderfully cooling during this hot hot summer.)

But suddenly last weekend, I had an urge for green chili omelette. So we went to our local Indian greengrocer and bought some Thai green chilies and a big bunch of wonderfully fresh and lush coriander (cilantro). We always have onions in the house (but we made sure, just in case).

The next morning, I got up early and instead of making dough for chapatis, I decided to make dough for naan. Because it’s summer, I knew it would rise quickly. And sure enough, about two hours later, when it was time for our leisurely breakfast, it was perfectly doubled. And because it’s summer, we decided to make the naan on the barbecue. There’s really no need to be heating up the kitchen when it’s already plenty hot enough!

But the timing… how to get the timing right so the omelette AND the naan would be ready at basically the same time? My husband is brilliant though and already had it all worked out. He fried onions til they were almost golden, then threw in several chopped green chilies to sauté for half a minute or so and set the pan aside. I pulled the leaves off of the coriander stems. The barbecue was then turned on and we shaped the naan. The naan cooked quickly, of course. We brought the bread inside and T put the omelette pan back on the heat, quickly broke and whisked the eggs and poured them into the pan. At the same time, I buttered the wonderfully baked naan. They had lovely char lines and a slightly smoky aroma because of the hickory chips we had used for the barbecuing the night before.

I set the table, poured the coffee and orange juice and we sat down and feasted. Ah green chili omelettes with plenty of coriander and a judicious amount of seasalt! With naan! I tell you. There is nothing more wonderful!

Even if you are afraid of eating chilies, do give this a try! I didn’t used to be able to eat hot food either and yet I absolutely loved green chili omelette when I first tried it!


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  1. ejm Post author

    Thank YOU for causing the whole thing to occur, Jeanne! After you’ve recovered from writing the round-up, I hope you try the chili omelette too. It’s really fantastic.

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