EoMEoTE#13 – nursery edition

Cook Sister’s announcement of EoMEoTE #13 came at a rather inopportune moment (how can it POSSIBLY be the end of the month already? … Oh wait, it isn’t anymore.) I have neither made my favourite nursery/comfort food, nor is there a picture. I only cobbled together my sorry idea of a nursery rhyme.

One look at the date
Goodness, it’s late;
No egg and no toast
equals no EoMEoTE post

Besides, the phrase ‘nursery food’ makes me queasy. It conjures up lukewarm coddled eggs or cold eggs with cold or limp toast cut into little strips and then dipped into conjealing runny yolks (brrrrrrr) . Or worse one of the things I used to really dislike – Chocolate milk with a raw egg whisked into it with a slice of toast on the side. The chocolate milk might have been passable if the egg had been whisked in completely but there were invariably little bits of yolk or white floating around because the whisking had been done in haste what with one too many complaining children (who me??) underfoot.

And then there were the times when Mom (my mom is a very good cook) ignored our complaints and pulled out all the stops and made what I suspect was the perfect cheese souffle. Which we all turned our noses up at – or at least I turned my nose up at it. And pouted. And slathered with ketchup to make it so might be swallowable. And gulped huge quantities of milk to wash the tiniest forkfuls of souffle down.

Oh the embarrassment of it all. It’s a wonder that my mother still speaks to me!

9 responses to “EoMEoTE#13 – nursery edition

  1. a sister

    My idea of nursery food is coming home for lunch on a cold day to Campbell’s Tomato Soup made with half water and half milk served along with cheese snacks (or what some people like to call “cheese toast”).

    I have no recollection of chocolate milk with an egg whisked in. That’s just too revolting to think about.

  2. another sister

    Mmm, cheese snacks and tomato soup!

    Brrrr, chocolate milk with egg. I had that every day; the only way I could/would eat eggs. I recall making it myself sometimes; it was impossible to get it mixed up enough so there weren’t those bits that you could feel in your mouth if you didn’t get it down quickly enough. I guess it wouldn’t be possible to have that now, raw eggs being unsafe.

  3. yet another sister

    For the next EoMEoTE, try this. Sorry I don’t have a recipe. I saw someone make it on TV and can’t find the recipe.

    Heat some olive oil in a pan. Then put in some very good Italian tomato sauce — I like the kind with basil leaves in it. PUt in enough sauce to at least cover the pan. Then crack some eggs into the pan on top of the sauce which by now will be sizzling. Put a few fresh basil leaves on top. Then put a few slices of fresh mozarella on top (emphasis fresh). Let this cook until the eggs are firm enough not to break when you take them out. You can put a lid on I think. Put the pan on the table and people can dish the food onto their plates. Serve with French bread (for the EoMEoTE you will need to toast it). This is a wonderful dish if you can get the proportions right. Use fresh mozarella only.

  4. ejm Post author

    Hmmmm, I’m not sure about the tomato sauce. I confess that I’m VERY picky about egg dishes and the tomato sauce makes me think of cheese souffle, which makes me think of ketchup, which makes me… well, to put it bluntly… carsick.

    But I like the idea of the basil and mozzarella. (Is there such a thing as non-fresh mozzarella?!)

    Oh yes, I almost forgot to add: mmmmmmmmmm… tomato soup and cheese snacks. (One of my friends calls cheese snacks “cheese dreams”.)

  5. yet another sister

    ohh, not ketchup. How horrid! We use non-fresh mozarelle on pizzas etc. The fresh mozarella is horridly expensive and you have to keep it in water, so we rarely buy it. However, when we do buy it, it’s a great treat.

  6. ejm Post author

    I’m sure that the tomato sauce isn’t like ketchup at all. But just the idea of the tomato sauce with eggs makes me think of ketchup. (brrrr)

    Oh, yes, of course. We usually buy mozzarella that has been vacuum sealed and pretty close to the water packed expensive stuff but I know what you mean. The water packed expensive mozzarella IS wonderful.

    We used to buy fake mozzarella (that we didn’t know was fake) for making pizza and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t melt properly. It turned out that it was cheese made to taste like mozzarella but not actually be the same physically – ie: strings.

    http://homecooking.about.com/library/weekly/aa110402a.htm claims that it’s easy to make mozzarella at home. But http://www.ochef.com/557.htm says it’s tricky… hmmm, guess which page I’m going to decide is correct.

  7. another sister

    It sounds like it’s hard enough to make mozzarella when you already have the curds. It would be amazing to actually make the curds too.

    Here’s an interesting thread on usenet about home made mozzarella: alt.cheese > Mozzarella curd

    I can’t wait to hear how it turns out, ejm.

  8. another sister

    Aw, I guessed that you were going to think the first site was correct.

    But if you ever do see mozzarella curds … that part doesn’t seem too hard.

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