Taylor Digital Glass Nutritional Scale in Silver

Kitchen Scale

The Taylor Kitchen Scale comes with a multi-page booklet jammed with various foods and their nutritional makeup per gram (but not flour…). Apparently, we could key in the number assigned to the food to learn how much nutrition there is. Or something.

An ultra thin, glass, Nutritional scale from the World leader in kitchen scales-Salter. This Nutritional scale not only weighs foods up to 11 lbs./5 kg it tracks daily food intake for improved health maintenance. The 1406 will calculate weight, calories, fat, cholesterol, fiber, protein, sodium and carbs for over 900 preprogrammed foods. The unique read out displays all nutritional values on one screen. The recall memory allows for easy daily calculations on the 900 foods.
Taylor Digital Glass Nutritional Scale in Silver Specs

Who cares? We got it because it will way to 1 gm without choking.