Event Announcement: Π Day

Event announcement:
Π Day – 14 March

Pi Day is celebrated annually on this date. It might not be the most intuitive thing for those of us who write dates as day.month.year (or vice versa) but in the US and in some areas all over Canada, the month is traditionally placed before the day: month.day.year. So 14 March becomes 3.14. See? It’s Π!

Π Day […] Below are some tips on making this day (celebrated on March 14 at 1:59pm) memorable to one and all. […]

Eat ‘pi’ foods. Many creative ways exist to do this. First, there’s the punny approach, like eating pineapple, pizza, or pine nuts and drinking pina coladas or pineapple juice. Second, there’s the shape approach, like making cookies or pancakes shaped like pi or making a pie with a pi cut out of the center of the crust. Of course, whatever you do, Pi Day is simply incomplete without eating pie, even if you don’t feel artistic enough to carve the pi symbol out of the top.

– excerpt from “How to Celebrate Pi Day”