Event announcement: Green Blog Project (summer 2007)

Event announcement:
Green Blog Project (GBP) – summer 2007

Deepz (Letz Cook) is hosting this summer’s GBP begun by L.G. (Ginger and Mango): for bloggers to grow food in their gardens and by the end of summer, post recipes that primarily use the vegetable(s) and/or herb(s) they have grown.

  • Grow your own vegetable/fruit. (yes fruits are also included)
  • Use the vegetable/fruit as the main ingredient and post an entry by Oct 1, 2007.
  • Post pictures of your plant and the dish on your blog. (Both the plant picture and the picture of the recipe have to be posted)


Every time I read a post about growing vegetables the first thing I want to know is can I grow it where I live, how to grow it and where to buy the seed/plant from. So along with the above set of guidelines it will be very useful if you could write a little about your place (zone/weather pattern/climate), special tips/suggestions/methods that you use to help your plant grow healthy, where you bought the seeds/plant from and if you grow it in a pot or your backyard.

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Greener Blogging:

Once again, I would like to add a little extra to the challenge – for those gardeners who are not already doing so, please compost any garden waste and vegetable scraps that are generated when cooking, so that your garden will be even greener.