Event: Jihva for Ingredients – chillies

Event announcement: JFI Aug2007 – chillies

Indira (Mahanandi) writes that, the Sanskrit word ‘Jihvā’ “means taste, desire and deep longing” Each month, a different ingredient related to India or Indian cuisine is chosen and participants are invited to cook a recipe with that ingredient. Note that any style of cuisine may be used to celebrate the ingredient.

August’s Jihvā for Ingredients will be hosted by Nandita (Saffron Trail). She wrote:

Since no Indian kitchen would be complete without chillies in some form or the other, Jihva for August is CHILLIES.

You could spice up your dish with:
Fresh Green Chillies
Fresh Red Chillies
Dried Red Chillies
Red Chilli powder in any form
Chilli flakes
Jalapenos or
Chillies in any other form.

Get innovative and do something spicy. […] Prepare a dish with any form of chillies and post it on your blog.

[The deadline for posts is] August 1, 2007.

For complete details on how to participate, please go to: