Event: TGRWT #4

Event announcement: TGRWT #4

TGRWT #4 is hosted by Dennis (Kookjegek.nl), who wrote the following:

TGRWT is all about combining ingredients people might consider out of the ordinary. But the combinations are not just randomly chosen. The theory behind this is that ingredients with similar volatile aroma compounds should go really well together. But this is just theory. We want to test this by trying them out in dishes […] So are you up for the challenge? The pair of this round is:

mint & mustard

A powerful combination which hopefully will lead to some interesting dishes.

[Entries for TGRWT #4 are due 1 August 2007.]

For complete details on how to participate, please go to:

  • Kookjegek.nl TGRWT #4