Event: Think Spice… Think Saffron (25Oct2007)

Event announcement:
Think Spice… Think Saffron

Sunita (Sunita’s World) hosts a monthly event in “celebration of spices”. This month she is asking participants to celebrate saffron. In the guidelines for the event, she wrote the following:

Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are leafy, green plant parts used for flavouring purposes. Herbs such as basil or oregano, may be used fresh and are commonly chopped into smaller pieces; spices, however, are dried and usually ground into a powder. […] [Spices] are an integral part of my kitchen. […] So I was just wondering,

  • Firstly, how important are spices in your kitchen…are they an absolute necessity or just something which you would just pick up once in a blue moon, or perhaps, never!!
  • Secondly, there are some spices in particular that we can’t do without and some that are there just to add a special touch. So, in your case, which are the ones that fall into these two categories.
  • Thirdly, while buying spices, do you go for any particular variety…how brand conscious are you… do you get the supplies from some faraway place or just happy to lift it up from the supermarket.
  • Fourthly, apart from cooking, does a particular spice have other uses in your household…
  • Fifthly, does a particular spice hold any fond memories… perhaps, a dish cooked by someone special…

Post a recipe of any kind, using the [saffron], also, in any form you desire (seeds, powder, bark, etc.) … it would be really nice if the [saffron] could hold it’s ground in the dish and is not overpowered by many other [spices]….

The deadline for entries for Think Spice… Think Saffron… is Thursday, 25 October 2007. For complete details on how to participate, please see: