Event: World Bread Day 2007 (16 Oct 2007)

Event announcement:
World Bread Day (WBD) 2007

Hurrah!! Zorra (Kochtopf) is hosting WBD again this year. So clean off your wooden boards, get your flour out and start baking!

Subject: World Bread Day ’07 – Mark your calendar!
From: “kochtopf”
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 12:55:48 +0200

Dear bread bakers!

This year’s World Bread Day will take place on Tuesday, October 16 [2007].




On her blog, Zorra wrote further details:

World Bread Day 2007 (Photo Sharing) The original World Bread Day – an event created by UIB International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners – wants to provide an opportunity to talk about bread and bakers, to find out about their history, their importance as well as their future.

Let’s bake and talk about bread on this day again! Everybody is cordially invited to participate.

The theme is open, just bake a bread with or without yeast, use sourdough, experiment with different flours, add some seeds… It’s up to you!

You never have baked a bread before? Well, give it try! It’s easy and once you have this smell of your own fresh bread in your kitchen, there is no way back. If you have no time to bake a bread, you can buy one at your favorite bakery and write about the bread and also the bakery.

The deadline for posting is Tuesday, 16th October 2006 (The grace period is only until Wednesday, 17 October 2007). For more information on how to participate, please see:

And as you think about what bread to bake, do take a look at