Event: WTSIM… layered cake! (#10 due 28oct2007)

Event announcement:
Waiter, there’s something in my (WTSIM)… #10

Andrew (Spittoon Extra) is hosting October’s WTSIM… and has announced the theme of “cake”. But not just any kind of cake for those devils who created WTSIM… !

Here is what Andrew wrote in the guidelines for WTSIM… #10:

[W]hat we need to see this month are cakes with layers. And they have to be baked. […]

Criteria: a new post covering some form of baked, multi-layered cake.
Due date: anytime by Sunday 28th October.

Once again, the deadline for WTSIM… layered cake! is Sunday 28 October, 2007. If you would like to participate, please read the following for more information:

  • Spittoon Extra – WTSIM… layered cake! – announcement