Event: WTSIM… #8 Meatless Barbecue! (27aug2007)

Event announcement:
Waiter, there’s something in my (WTSIM)… #8

This month’s WTSIM… is hosted by Jeanne (Cook Sister!), who always has something up her sleeve.

When I saw the headline WTSIM… Meatless Barbecue!, I couldn’t believe it. Especially coming from a dedicated meat eater like Jeanne, who wrote so compellingly about liver, bacon and sherry pasta sauce and bacon-wrapped venison loin on the braai! Am I seeing things?!!! Meatless Barbecue??? Are these two words allowed to be placed in the same sentence by the barbecue police?

You don’t believe me, do you? Take a look at what Jeanne wrote:

[P]eople seldom think beyond their steak, chops and sausage on the flames and leave the vegetarians to pick at the salads. But when you start looking, there are a wealth of other options beyond meat. Vegetables and fruit can be cooked both on the grid and in the coals, and if you have a gas grill you can cook an even greater variety of non-meat treats.

Of course she’s right. We have barbecued many things other than meat on our barbecue. But a meatless barbecue….

Oh wait!! Now that the initial panic has worn off and I am able to read further, things don’t look so dire. Quel relief. Read on to see that Jeanne has taken pity on us omnivores:

I realise that for many people this total abandoning of the flesh may be just a tad too challenging, so I will widen the “no meat” rule to include seafood of any description, as long as you cook it outdoors on some sort of barbecue. […] Come on babies, light those fires!

[edit 15 August 2007:]
**STOP PRESS!** It has come to my attention that some of you who want to take part in WTSIM don’t have access to barbecue facilities in your current accommodation (a violation of your basic human rights, if you ask me, but there you go!). So, I’ve decided to amend the rules slightly. If you own a griddle pan, feel free to prepare your vegetarian/pescatarian treats on that in lieu of a BBQ grill – and peeps, I wanna see those grill marks! In fact, you can also do things wrapped in aluminium foil in the oven (no different to cooking, say, a potato in foil in the coals). Does that make things a little easier? Off you go then – go forth and BBQ!

The deadline for WTSIM… meatless bbq! is Monday 27 August, 2007. If you would like to participate, please read the following for more information: