Fougasse BBBuddies (October 2011)

fougasse (bbb) summary: October 2011 Bread Baking Buddies; Hallowe’en fougasse; information about Bread Baking Babes; (click on image(s) to see larger view and more photos)

Bread Baking Buddies (BBB): Fougasse

Eeeeeeeeeek!! (I’ve GOT to stop choosing October!!)

fougasse (bbb) Look what happened to THIS fougasse!

And is it my imagination or is the fougasse in the Buddy badge grinning?

(whimper) I think it might be cackling too…..



For me, this was the summer of Fougasse. And I couldn’t imagine asking the BBBabes and BBBuddies to bake anything but Fougasse when it was my turn to choose the bread.

So. October was Fougasse month in BBBabeland and here is the recipe we used: BBB Fougasse

The BBBuddies are from all over the world, this month hailing from The Netherlands, Thailand and USA.

Here, with no further ado, are the October 2011 Buddies:

Cathy, Bread Experience
bbb October 2011 Cathy chose to use Chad Robertson’s Tartine baguette dough for her beautiful fougasse. She added herbes de Provence to the dough and “left the outside plain so I could serve it toasted and spread with Roasted Red Pepper Spread and shaved parmesan cheese.” Isn’t the ladder shape lovely?
» Fougasse: Provencal Bread with Herbs


Céline, Greens and Peaches
bbb October 2011 Céline added chopped marinated olives to her favourite bread dough before shaping it to become a fougasse. She baked her fougasse after only 10 minutes of it resting rather than the suggested hour. It looks great! (If you follow her recipe, note that because she is from the Netherlands, her oven temperatures are listed in Celsius.) And no surprise to me, in her email, she mentioned that she agrees “that it is better than foccacia!”
» BBB October bread


Connie, My Discovery of Bread
bbb October 2011 Connie had never baked fougasse before. But clearly, this was not a problem. For her fougasse, she chose Norwich sourdough dough flavoured with ground cardamom and then sprinkled the shaped bread with nigella, black and white sesame seeds. Her fougasse is gorgeous!! She wrote “These are the first fougasse I baked, but surely not the last one.”
» Fougasse


Dewi, ~ e l r a ~
bbb October 2011 Dewi used the fougasse recipe in “Baking with Julia” by Dorrie Greenspan, flavouring the dough with rosemary. Wow. This is THE most beautiful shaping. I particularly like the tinges of darker gold on the tips of the points. I wish I had thought of cutting slashes on the outside as well!! Next time….
» Fougasse


Hobby Baker, A Messy Kitchen
bbb October 2011 HB chose to make her dough scented with anise and orange. She wrote that the palm sugar she used in place of the orange flower water called for in the recipe “transport[s] me back to my honeymoon in Tahiti”. How cool is that?!
» BBB makes like a tree and… fougasse


Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
bbb October 2011 I love the look of Judy’s fougasse and the fact that pizza dough worked so well. How clever she is to have basic dough on hand! Doesn’t Kalamata olives sound like a perfect addition to fougasse? “These are the first fougasse I baked, but surely not the last one.”
» BBB: Fougasse


Rita (aka Soepkipje), Ipernity
bbb October 2011 Alas, Rita doesn’t say what dough recipe she used to make her fougasse. In her email, she wrote “It was fun to make this bread, thanks for the recipe”.
» Fougasse


JP, JP’s Bread recipe

bbb October 2010 JP doesn’t have a blog and sent the following via email:

This is my effort. It was supposed to look like a head of wheat. Yours look better,
This one is made from laminated bread dough. Sour dough, 50% hydration, 1 t salt.
I pulled the yeast from the air here in southeast Pennsylvania. Yes, it took a couple of tries to get that right! :-)
This one has slivers of Asiago and pepperoni.
For laminating, I got that ‘tub butter” that the Mennonites sell at the farmer’s market. It’s a little harder and holds up well in the laminating.
Parchment paper was used to solve that sticky dough problem. Additionally, it helps catch that browned butter at the end of the baking.

My fougasse looks better? I’m not so sure. I think this looks fabulous. And how brave is JP to make fougasse from laminated dough?! :whee:

» JP’s bread recipe (



Thank you, Bread Baking Buddies: October 2011BBBuddies, you are the BBBest!!

If I missed posting about anyone’s BBB Fougasse, please do let me know.



  • leave a comment on this post that you have baked the bread, leaving a link back to your post.

And of course, if you haven’t made it yet, just because the deadline is past, I hope that won’t stop you from making Fougasse. But please don’t wait as long as I did. Because the bread really is delicious. And easy. So delicious and easy that you won’t be able to stop making it.


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