fresh herbs in winter

summary: fresh herbs and chillies in winter; bring summer back please; (click on image for larger views)

coriander leaf The other day, we got some beautiful looking coriander leaf so we could have a green chili omelette.

Was it wonderful? Was it good?

Yes. Of course it was. But, but, but, coriander that has been grown under lights just don’t taste the same! Sure it looks beautiful and lush but the flavour is entirely faded.

chillies These pathetic little chillies came from the plant overwintering under grow lights in the basement. Because there were only two, we also had to buy green chillies for our green chili omelette.

And how did the the chillies taste? Oh my. They were merely hot. No sweetness or citrus flavour at all.

These plants neeeeeed sun and warmth to grow to their full potential!

So do we! I hereby begin my official campaign for winter to end. I think there has been entirely too much snow and cold already. Let’s work diligently together to end it once and for all. Bring on the global warming!!

(Today’s forecasted high is -17C!! WHAT’S going on? This practice of making us have winter in January in Toronto has GOT to stop.)

Remind me to rave about the Chettinad chicken (South Indian curry with curry leaves) we made based on a recipe in the Toronto Star’s recent TV guide. It is phenomenally good. Very comforting too. I almost forgot that it was winter.


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2 responses to “fresh herbs in winter

  1. Patricia

    I have some lovely chili peppers from the Farmers’ Market in the freezer. I bought them in August and froze them on the recommendation of the woman at the stall who says that she never buys chili peppers from the store in the winter because they have no flavour. She freezes them whole and gets the same wonderful summer flavour all winter long. After she told me that, she leaned over the counter and said quietly, “it also makes them very easy to chop up!” The next week she told me to freeze tomatoes and leaned over the counter and said quietly again, “you can get the skins off just by putting a little hot water on them and peeling the skin off the frozen tomatoes.” I’m not sure why she wanted to tell only me this information. Maybe she likes leaning over the counter and speaking quietly. Whatever, I have flavourful tomatoes and peppers in the freezer just waiting to be chopped up into something delicious!

    Don’t the chillies get mushy when they are frozen, Patricia? If not, then you’ve GOT to try a chilli omelette!! -Elizabeth, who can’t believe that you haven’t used the tomatoes yet. Think of the fabulous pizza sauce you could make with those tomatoes!

  2. Patricia

    I’m going to make Tomato Pie today. I hope it will taste like summer on this cold, bright day. When I say “cold”, I mean “a little chilly” as it’s just above freezing.

    The chillies DO get mushy but I chop them up so finely it doesn’t matter.


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