fried chicken and biscuits

We just had to have my sister’s fried chicken again last night. She referred us to the recipe she had used after watching FoodTV Alton Brown’s Good Eats. (fried chicken recipe)

Well. If we hadn’t tasted the fabulous chicken, we would NEVER have bothered trying to decipher that page. How dumb is that? I mean really, there is a good reason that thousands of cookbooks have lists of ingredients followed by an itemized list of preparation instructions.

We basically followed T’s grandmother’s fried chicken recipe but fried the chicken (thighs) in crisco (solid version) instead of vegetable oil and changed the spice mixture to the one used by Alton Brown:

2 Tbsp kosher salt
2 Tbsp Hungarian paprika
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper

There is some controversy in our household about how much salt to use. I thought that my sister’s chicken was a little too salty. T thought it was JUST right. But he kindly reduced the amount of salt for me to make it JUST right for me. And I loved it! But he insists that my sister’s fried chicken was way better….

After frying the chicken (skin side up first THEN skin side down to finish – this way there is less risk of it getting too dark), T put it on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet and placed it in a 300F oven to finish. In the meantime, he drained almost all of the fat from the pan to use for making biscuits.

Just before mixing the biscuit dough, he sauteed onions in the left over oil from frying until they were almost caramelized. He added water to make an onion gravy.

And once the biscuits were done, he steamed broccoli. The plates looked absolutely gorgeous – deep golden chicken, light golden biscuits flanked by a large mountain of emerald green broccoli. The gravy was served in small custard bowls for us to dip in pieces of biscuit and/or broccoli.

Am I lucky, or what??

I keep thinking of that terrible advertisement for who knows what product (shampoo?? face cream??) from years ago. I will paraphrase the final line: “My husband. I think I’ll keep him.”)

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  1. bing

    That “recipe” isn’t a recipe, it’s the transcript of a show. I’m a regular watcher of “Good Eats”, so I can visualize (auralize?) how the show would have looked. For non-watchers, a lot of the transcript must be just plain bizarre.

    I think “Good Eats” is my favourite of all the Food Channel shows. Each episode concentrates on one thing (slaw, lemon meringue pie, doughnuts, casseroles, beer, ribs, tomatoes etc), always with a different but invariably goofy gimmick. It’s mainly about the “why” of the techniques involved in making each episode’s thing.

  2. your sister again, sorry, should read to the end before commenting

    Mmm, that dinner sounds fabulous. Dipping biscuits into gravy – drooooooooooool.

    (I’m keeping mine too. Tonight he served lightly crumbed tilapia fillets and the crumbing stayed crispy through the whole dinner(!). It was hemi-demi-semi-topped with a delicious sofrito of tomato, onion, garlic?, black beans (the Chinese fermented kind).)

  3. ejm Post author

    I knew it was the transcript of the show. But how annoying to have to wade through it, without having seen the show. It’s fine and dandy to show the transcript but wouldn’t it be nice if there were a link somewhere to the recipe, just the recipe, Ma’am.

    I still haven’t seen “Good Eats”. It must be on at a time that I don’t watch Food TV. Perhaps I should tape it to see if it might be my favourite show too. The chicken resulting from the show certainly is a favourite!

    And yes, it was fabulous to dip biscuits into onion gravy. It was also very nice to know that we didn’t waste the fat in which the chicken was fried.

  4. Anne

    There is the recipe. Just for future reference! “Good Eats” fried chicken – recipe courtesy Alton Brown

    edit 13 April: Thank you Anne. That is much easier to follow than by having to read through the transcript of the show. -Elizabeth

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