garlic from my sister’s garden!

The other day, as I was putting two loaves of freshly baked sandwich loaves (cooled of course) into the freezer, I came across some shrimp that we had forgotten were there. They have only been there about a month so they were still completely fine. And what would be better to go with our new favourite dish of spaghettini tossed with garlic and preserved lemons?

Another bonus: my sister sent us garlic from her overabundant garden. Lucky us!! We don’t have enough sun in our garden to grow garlic and fresh home grown garlic is fantastic.

So we thawed the shrimp and drizzled them with olive oil. We also coarsely cut mushrooms, put them in a separate bowl and drizzled them with olive oil as well. First T grilled the mushrooms in the barbecue wok and set them aside. Then he grilled the shrimp. The mushrooms were added to steamed green beans. The shrimp were laid beside spaghettini dressed with preserved lemons, parsley and caramelized homegrown garlic. We put a little dollop of pesto (just the basil, garlic and olive oil part because I froze the rest for the dead of winter when we need to remind ourselves that it does get warm here) onto the shrimp. We had Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc (Canadian wine that is very reasonably priced and quite good – crisp and refreshing.) Was dinner wonderful? Can you guess? Oh my my my!!!

  • A note about cleaning garden garlic: Gently rub the clove(s) under water. The dirt comes right off making it easy to take the skin off without getting the inside gritty.
Interestingly, we both agreed that the grilled pork actually works better than shrimp as an accompaniment for preserved lemon spaghettini. But what I want to try with the preserved lemon spaghettini is scallops wrapped in bacon.