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summary: keeping Christmas traditions; Mum’s poinsettia tablecloth; recipe for Not 7-Up “Green” – based on 7-Up Emerald Punch; non-alcoholic punch; “Merry Punch Bowl to You!”

I don’t remember exactly when the poinsettia table cloth appeared in our house at Christmas – it went perfectly with the poinettia drinking glasses that one of my sisters has in her house now.

Nor do I remember what year it was that a 7-Up flyer, featuring Punch recipes, arrived in the mailbox. Or was it inserted into the carton of 7-Up that Dad brought home for a Christmas party. (We NEVER had soda pop in the house, except at Christmas time.)

7-Up Punch Recipes I do remember that we decided we HAD to try some of the punches though. I think that the first one we made was emerald punch. We were entranced with the name. And we had a wonderful punch bowl with glasses that hung from the edge of the bowl (was the set crystal?? I can’t recall; I think one of my sisters has the bowl and glasses….)

Mum made Gala punch several times as well. But it was “Green” that became a staple for us at Christmas.

So, imagine my delight when my sister arrived at our house on Christmas Day, carrying a 2L soda-water bottle filled with Green! Sure, we don’t have the punch bowl. But who cares? We had the punch!


I was SO happy that I had used Mum’s poinsettia table cloth. How perfect!

Right from the start, we made changes to the recipe though. Of course we did. The original 7-Up recipe was revoltingly sweet. After the first time, we substituted with soda water instead. (Does 7-Up even exist any more?)

I see from Mum’s writing on the flyer that she changed the amount of honey from “1/2 cup” to “1 drop”. And then at some point, she (or one of us) scratched “honey” out entirely.

7-Up Emerald Punch

Here is how the punch turned from Emerald to simply become known as “Green”:

based on the 7-Up recipe for Emerald Punch

  • 1 tin unsweetened pineapple juice, chilled – 1.36 liter (l48 fl.oz)
  • 4 cans limeade concentrate, thawed – each can holds 178ml (6.25 fl.oz)
  • 2 litre bottles club soda
  • lime, sliced very thinly (optional)
  1. Stir pineapple juice and limeade concentrate together in a large punch bowl.
  2. Add soda water. Float lime slices on top, if you have them. (If you don’t have a punch bowl, using a funnel, pour the mixture back into the soda water bottles (plus a jug to take up the extra) and refrigerate to keep cold.
:: 7-Up: Plain soda water replaced 7-Up almost immediately, with a note saying, “12 bottles (7 oz each) 7-Up, chilled (2 litre bottles club soda is better)”.
:: honey: On the recipe card in Mum’s recipe box, there is an outlined note in Mum’s handwriting saying, “original recipe called for 1/4 c honey” followed by a green-boxed note saying, “NO honey is best”.
:: food coloring: The original recipe calls for a “few drops of green food coloring”. I don’t remember when we stopped using the colouring.
:: lime slices: We didn’t always remember to float lime slices on top of the punch, but it does make it look pretty.
:: ice: The original recipe calls for adding ice. As I recall, we used to make limeade ice cubes and put them into the punch bowl so the punch would not get diluted.


Gala Punch

7-Up Your Party Punch

Whenever my parents had a wine and cheese party, they always provided non-alcoholic options, with Gala Punch as the feature. Many people would take a sip and ask if we were certain that it had no booze in it – the grapefruit juice made it seem alcoholic….

One year when I was in university, my parents opened up the house to throw a party for my classmates. Several of them managed to “get drunk” by having too many glasses of Gala Punch. (They never did understand that it was not laced with booze, nor had anyone spiked it on the sly!)

detail of 7-Up vintage punch recipes flyer


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2 responses to “Good Non-Alcoholic Punch

  1. Patricia

    I remember that party. One of your classmates slurred to me, “that punch has a kick on it like a mule” as he drunkenly reeled away.

    BTW, I have the poinsettia glasses but not the punch bowl.

    1. Elizabeth

      Hahahahahaha! I don’t remember that particular phrase. How brilliant.

      (I thought it was you who had the poinsettia glasses. I trust you used them this Christmas….)


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