Great Pizza but Augh!!! Missing Comments!

summary: Approved comments not showing up; new images not appearing; pizza cooked on the barbecue is great; (click on image(s) to see larger views)

How very annoying. Something happened between 09:57 EDT and 22:00 EDT on 3 June 2013 that has caused approved comments not to show up. I’m looking into it.

pizza In the meantime, please admire this fabulous pizza that we had the other night.

edit 08:26 EDT: :stomp: :stomp: :stomp: And now new images are refusing to show up too. There is SUPPOSED to be a thumbnail of the pizza here. Phooey!

I made the pizza dough using the recipe for ‘same day straight pizza dough’ in Ken Forkish’s “Flour Water Salt Yeast” (I love this book!)

It is very similar to the overnight straight pizza dough but the same day dough uses more yeast: 70% water, .2% yeast, 100% flour (16% whole wheat, 84% unbleached all purpose flours), 2% salt

And yes, I used 95F water to mix the dough.

pizza stone While dressing the pizza, we put our well-used stone into the barbecue and turned it on high. Once the pizza was dressed, we transferred it to the hot stone and turned the gas way down to the lowest it would go under the stone. We closed the lid of the barbecue and allow the pizza to cook for about 5 minutes. Part way through the cooking, T used the peel to turn the pizza around to allow for uneven heat in the barbecue.

To answer your question about anardana seeds, Barbara, we used our electric coffee spice grinder. There was no problem at all and as far as I can tell, there were no unground seeds.


edit 09:33 EDT: I’ve disabled the comments on this post and will enable them when (see how optimistic I am? :lalala:) this issue is resolved.
edit 11:59 EDT: I’ve enabled the comments. For some bizarre reason, some of the new comments show and some do not.


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3 responses to “Great Pizza but Augh!!! Missing Comments!

  1. ejm Post author

    I’m hoping that by a miracle this comment will appear. Firefox is giving me grief and refuses to show the image on this page:

    Chrome and Opera have no problem showing the image. However, neither wants to display Barbara’s comment on anardana seeds. :stomp:

  2. Jeanne @ Cooksister

    Mmm pizza! Noting more frustrating that blogging software #fail… Hope your comments get sorted out soon!

    Thank you, Jeanne. The pizza WAS good. As for the blogging software #fail, I had virtually given up trying to understand and was going to resort to disabling comments for that particular post. But I suddenly thought to try one more thing and it worked!! :-) -Elizabeth


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