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summary: green garlic omelette made with green garlic, ham, potatoes, mushrooms; information about Bookmarked Recipes; (click on image to see larger views and more photos)

green garlic For the last month or so, Katie (Thyme for Cooking) has been raving about the wonders of green garlic. At first I thought she was talking about scapes. Then I thought she meant ramps. And then I realized that it was young garlic.

Lucky her, she can get bunches of green garlic at her vegetable store.

green garlic I haven’t ever seen it for sale here. But we do have garlic growing in the garden. I planted it years ago when I imagined we’d have enough sun. It always does brilliantly in the spring before the full leaf cover arrives and then hangs on, looking lovely but rarely developing much of a bulb. I almost always forget to harvest the little bulbs and it just goes back to reproduce the following year.

green garlic omelette So, after reading about Katie’s scrambled eggs with green garlic, I went out into the garden stole some of the young shoots and we made a green garlic omelette (I just couldn’t bring myself to make scrambled eggs… brrrrrr).

Once we’d tasted it, (Katie is right; it’s fabulous!), we couldn’t believe that green garlic doesn’t appear every spring in our vegetable markets too. (Hmmmm. Maybe it does. Maybe we just aren’t getting there soon enough before it’s all snapped up.)

I was certain I had taken pictures of our first green garlic omelette made with grated gouda and green garlic.

I was absolutely sure.


Annoyingly so. And I wouldn’t let it go.

But I couldn’t find any trace of the photos anywhere. Which meant I had to steal a little more green garlic from the garden to make another green garlic omelette. :-)

green garlic omelette
made with green garlic, ham, potatoes, mushrooms

  • vegetable oil
  • mushrooms, sliced
  • ham
  • left-over potatoes, sliced
  • green garlic
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • pepper and salt to taste

I am assuming that you already know how to make an omelette…

  1. In a well-seasoned cast iron pan, cook mushrooms, ham and potatoes in oil until the ham begins to shrivel.
  2. Add green garlic and sauté for half a minute.
  3. Pour eggs into pan and cook until done. Fold in half.

Serve immediately with toast and coffee.


:: If you really want to show off the green garlic, omit the ham, potatoes and mushrooms. The first time we used green garlic in an omelette, it was with grated gouda and green garlic. Fabulous!

:: Katie suggests adding Greek yoghurt to her scrambled eggs with green garlic. I’m not sure that yoghurt would be a good idea IN an omelette (maybe a spoonful or two on top) but I’ll bet creamy goat’s cheese would be a great addition.

green garlic Green garlic is wonderful. Green garlic in an omelette is wonderful (especially when the omelette is made with fresh farm eggs). Green garlic is so wonderful that I’ve had to stop myself from stealing all of the it from the garden. Otherwise, what will we do next spring?

Many thanks for introducing us to green garlic, Katie!

When I went back to Katie’s site to find the green garlic with eggs, I came across her asparagus and green garlic omelette from last year. That too had already been bookmarked. Ontario asparagus has just started appearing (we had the most wonderful barbecued asparagus last night). If only I dared to pillage more green garlic from the garden so we could try Katie’s green garlic and asparagus omelette!

While the above omelette isn’t strictly a bookmarked recipe, it is a bookmarked idea. If you search “green garlic” on Katie’s site, you’ll find several fabulous sounding recipes. (Even if you don’t bother with the “green garlic”, you’ll find several fabulous sounding recipes.) Here are the green garlic recipes that inspired the omelette:

Remind me to plant a lot more garlic this September so I can steal green garlic without worrying that there will be none left to grow.

Bookmarked Recipes - every MondayBookmarked Recipes
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For more information about Bookmarked Recipes, please read the following:


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2 responses to “green garlic omelette (bookmarked recipe)

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Alas, I have not young … or old green garlic growing in my yard. Indeed I’m sure it’s great stuff and I hope to try some one day.

    It might still be early enough in the season to plant it now so you can have some next year. Or in September – it grows like a weed and requires zero care (along the lines of tulips; once they’re in the ground, they just keep coming up). And I really am planning on putting more in for next spring. It’s so good! -ejm

  2. katie

    As I was hoeing the shallots this morning mon mari asked why I didn’t plant garlic…. Why, indeed! Stupid woman. I’ll be planting it in the fall. I think I’ll line the fence with it.
    Thank you for all your kind words and links…. and I’m so glad you enjoyed you’re green garlic omelet. The season is over for us. What they had at the market this week, was full-grown garlic – but not yet dried, which is also very good… So, now I have ‘fresh’ garlic. hahaha

    edit 8 June 2010: Oh I couldn’t possibly be more envious, Katie. A whole fence full of green garlic!! -Elizabeth


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