grilled shrimps and basil pesto with whole pecans (PPN #177)

summary: grilled shrimps and basil pesto with pecans; finding buried treasure in the freezer; information about Presto Pasta Nights (PPN); (click on image to see larger views and more photos)

Shrimps with basil pesto There must be something about Katie (Thyme for Cooking) that makes me think of shrimps and pasta. Because I raved about grilled shrimps and pasta the last time she hosted PPN. Or at least it was the last time she hosted when I remembered to post on time.

That time, summer was just about to start. And now, even though it’s still what I consider to be the middle of August, autumn will set in soon. How can that be? Is time moving faster than it used to?

To soften the blow of the faster minutes and shorter days, the light is particularly golden in the evening and there is basil galore available at the market and in sunny gardens. (We do have some basil in our shady garden but only enough for garnishes.)

And so I’m just about to buy big bouquets of basil to make pesto for freezing so that when it’s miserably cold, overcast and icy, we can remind ourselves of the sun.

At the end of July, just before the giant bouquets of basil started to appear at the market, I cleaned out the freezer because of major ice buildup around the door. Weren’t we thrilled to discover basil pesto from last year lurking behind a half bag of shrimp we’d stuffed in there in June?

Both the pesto and the shrimp HAD to be eaten. (What sacrifices we make in the interests of making sure there is no waste.) So, in true “Presto Pasta Nights” fashion, we quickly changed direction of what would be for dinner that night.

When I grind up large quantities of pesto in August and September, I only partially make it before freezing it in ice cube trays. All I freeze is the basil, olive oil and garlic mixture. Then we can decide what extras we’d like to add as we pull it out of the freezer.

On this particular night, we thawed out shrimps and pesto (in separate bowls, of course!) and decided that we wouldn’t add parmesan cheese, cream or pine nuts to the pesto. Instead, we’d simply toss spaghettini in this simple basil mixture with a little salt and some lemon juice. Then we’d top the dish with whole toasted pecans to make a dish reminiscent of our mint pesto we like to have with grilled chicken.

T drizzled olive oil on the shrimp and grilled it in the barbecue wok while the water was boiling for spaghettini. In virtually no time at all, he was tossing the pasta (al dente please) with the basil pesto.

Shrimps with basil pesto And I waltzed out to the garden to pinch off just enough fresh basil to garnish each plate.

Hey Presto!! What a dinner we had! It was terrific with a Romaine lettuce salad dressed with a simple vinaigrette.

I love finding treasure troves in the freezer!

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Incidentally, we hardly ever have shrimps. They seem like such an extragance. Especially now that there is pretty much zero possibility of getting shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico in the near or even distant future. :stomp:

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1 response to “grilled shrimps and basil pesto with whole pecans (PPN #177)

  1. Claudia

    I need to clean out my freezer ASAP. The ice and frost are crowding out the food, and who knows what I’ll find. Hope it’s as good as your inspired meal.

    Happy hunting, Claudia! I’m sure you’ll find something equally wonderful. Please do report back. -Elizabeth


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