What we did with this year’s Hallowe’en pumpkins

summary: Hallowe’en pumpkin carving; Golden Nugget squashes are difficult to carve but after they are baked, they taste fabulous; Sorauren Park Pumpkin festival; (click on images for larger views and more photos)

pumpkin This year we decided to buy a large Hallowe’en pumpkin and a small Golden Nugget Squash to use as Jack-o-lanterns. Even though the pumpkins get composted, it still seems like such a waste.

We were going to buy a Pie Pumpkin, but we couldn’t find any anywhere. Even the jack-o-lantern pumpkins were on the scarce side by the day before Hallowe’en, the time we finally got around to buying pumpkins. But when I saw a lovely Golden Nugget squash marked at $1(!!), I couldn’t say no.

I held out my dollar coin to the cashier and she said, “That’s not enough.” (What??! Taxes on squashes now??) No. Not taxes. It turns out it was $1 per pound. The squash cost just over $4!! I felt like an idiot to pay that much for a squash but I was cold. It was raining. I was on my bicycle. I bought it.

The next afternoon, we fetched our pumpkins from the garage. T was almost done by the time I managed to get the seeds out of the squash. That’s right. Carving the Golden Nugget Squash wasn’t easy! I could hardly get the knife into the hard shell and then it was only with difficulty that I got the knife out.

My great plans for intricately carving the little squash were thrown out the window.

pumpkin It was also cold and rainy all night, so taking photos was tricky. (Of course, we could have taken photos indoors before and after carving the squashes, couldn’t we?? :lalala: )

The cold and the rain didn’t stop costumed children from trooping up to our door in search of candy though… about 80 children came to our door before we closed up at 20:00. (Best costume was the little girl dressed as box cheese grater. When we pointed her out to our neighbour, he scoffed at us, saying, “She’s a tardis!! She’s NOT a cheese grater!” (Silly us….)

pumpkin The next day, we took the big pumpkin over to the park to join in the annual pumpkin parade. (Ours is the one with the amazing green markings.) The rain the night before had brought in a cold front and it was even chillier and windier than it had been. We wondered if there would be many more pumpkins.

We hurried home and put the little squash into the toaster oven to bake. Here it is a little later, fully baked. I love how its face distorts in the heat!

pumpkin Once it had cooled, I used a big spoon to get the perfectly cooked squash. Ha! Again, it wasn’t easy. It turns out that the tough tough skin is also very thin. But still, we ended up with about a liter of fabulously sweet and rich squash.

We’re planning to have some of it tomorrow night for dinner with a chop, steamed green beans and oven roasted potatoes.

The rest, we’ll put in the freezer to have sage and pasta, Laura Calder style.


Halloween 2014
Pumpkin Festival 2014


edit March 2015: I finally have commenting allowed again! Whoohooooo! (read more here about the hoops I jumped through)


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