Halving a recipe that calls for one egg

tiny holly ©ejm2004Advent calendartiny holly ©ejm2004

Yesterday, as I was about to make Ginger Shortbread Cookies, I decided to halve the recipe. We just don’t eat as many cookies as we used to! The only problem I could forsee was that a single recipe calls for one egg. I simply refuse to buy those ridiculous containers of liquid egg – the ones that are supposed to save me so much of my valuable time that is used to break the shell. (Oh, brother.) So I broke the egg, lightly beat it in the pyrex measuring cup. One egg really is ¼ cup – just like Joy of Cooking says. I then took my tablespoon and tried to spoon out 2 Tbsp. of egg.

Ha. Try it. It’s hilarious. I would still be trying to get a level tablespoon of egg now, if I had persisted. I finally realized (duh) that it is possible to pour half the egg into another container.

And what did we do with the left over half egg? We made latkes! Waste not, want not.

The cookies are brilliant. Now I’m worried that I didn’t make enough….