Happiness is… a new (to us) juicer

summary: new (to us) juicer; fruits vs vegetables; happy 101 award recipients (meme); (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

Moulinex juicer I mentioned yesterday that on the weekend we purchased this juicer for $2 (yes, once again; that’s TWO DOLLARS).

When we got home, we immediately made carrot/ginger juice. Because that’s what we had in the fridge. The ginger was a good addition. It masked the decided carrot flavour. I decreed that we had to go out immediately to get some fruit.

I far prefer fruit juice. T, on the other hand, prefers vegetable juice. Which makes zero sense to me. This is the same man who complains bitterly if I suggest that we should have more than two vegetables for dinner.

A typical conversation just before dinner:

he: Did you wash the vegetable(s)?

me: Yes, they’re on the counter.

he: You want me to do ALL of these???

me: Yes.

he: I’m not eating half of those!!

me: (quiet sigh) I’ll eat whatever you don’t.

he: (dubiously) Okaaaay….

Now, don’t get the wrong impression. It’s not that T won’t eat vegetables. He just doesn’t like as many vegetables as I do. Unless we are having something like stir-fried broccoli with garlic and anchovies. Then we have to make sure to cut enough broccoli for at least 4 people (even though there are only 2 of us) and then we STILL argue and whine that the other person got more. Or palak paneer. It’s better to just get TWO bunches of spinach for the two of us rather than be disappointed with such a meager looking half portion. It’s such bad form to constantly look over longingly at the other plate, wondering if there mightn’t have been some short-changing.

But that’s another story. Let me get back to the juicer.

We used to have a Braun juicer. We used it all the time. But it was annoyingly large. There was no good place to store it. Very soon after purchasing it, the spout had to be attached with duct tape. It was a bit of a drag to clean.

And so we gave it away.

But we were always a little sorry not to have our juicer.

And now we have one again. One that fits on the counter behind the knife holder – without taking up too much space. And it’s way easier to clean than the Braun. Yay!!

juice So far, we have made:

  • carrot/ginger (T claims it is delicious; for me it was just healthdrink)
  • apple/ginger
  • beet/carrot/parsley (it tastes just like you think!! :lalala:)
  • daikon (woe!!! hot!)
  • beet/apple (delicious! The apple really softens the beet flavour)

We keep forgetting to stir in a bit of the pulp. That way we will get the fibre benefits too.

So! What shall we try juicing next? (No, T, NOT cantaloupe. Eewwwwwwwwwww!)

And speaking of happiness… Wow! I am thrilled to be the recipient of an award!! The

Happy 101 award

was presented to me by Katie (Thyme for Cooking) which she received from Ruth (Once upon a feast). Ah, so you see; there’s a small catch in getting the award.

The instructions:list 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day“.

If I had Mum’s spider tea cup, getting to drink tea out of the spider cup would be first on the list of things that make me happy. We NEVER got to drink out of the spider cup, except on our birthdays, when it was carefully brought out of the glass doored cabinet and placed on the table for all to admire. Alas, I have no photo of the beautiful spider cup. Note to self: Ask Mum or Dad to send a photo.

So, here are the 10 things that make me happy (in haphazard order):

  • The internet: what a fabulous resource! I love the internet with all its information, misinformation, wisdom, foolishness, order, distraction.
  • Actual comments from real people (as opposed to fake ones advertising gaming sites and insurance scams) and actual hand-written letters on actual paper. (Because of how much real snail mail we DON’T get or send anymore, sometimes I wonder if we will see the end of daily door to door postal delivery service.)
  • Bicycling the long way through the neighbourhoods to get to the market.
  • Garden sale deals (coffee maker, juicer, hand-held mixer, cutting board, bread tin, mint condition Lagostina frying pan, casserole dish)
  • Coffee made in our vintage Vesuviana electric coffee maker
  • Dinner for dessert: as in taking a second (or a half) helping of dinner, while T eats ice cream or cake or some other sweet.
  • Our garden emerging to show that it wasn’t destroyed by the winter (garlic is coming up; garlic is coming up!!) It makes me ridiculously happy to wander through the garden just before dinner, holding a pair of scissors so I can snip little sprigs of herbs and/or nasturtiums to garnish our plates.
  • Reading, reading, reading. What a great escape – novels, cookbooks, memoirs, travel books (whenever we read a travel book, I can’t help thinking of that wonderful kid in “Goodbye Columbus” pointing at the Gauguin reproductions at the library saying, “Man, ain’t that the life.”)
  • Playing Racing Scrabble if there are only 2 players, Take 2! if there are more than two people…. The remarkable thing is that our version of Racing Scrabble isn’t truly a speed game. Not like Take 2, anyway. I’m pretty terrible at Take 2, but I still love to play it.
  • The pig plates. I always use them on festive occasions to serve crackers and/or vegetable crudites. I love to make a point of NOT serving anything pork-like at all on the pig plates.

    So, why do these pig plates make me so happy? I don’t collect pigs. I really don’t. But years ago, I had a friend who suddenly decided that I did. And he wouldn’t stop giving me pig shaped things for the kitchen – pig serviette holders, a pig shaped tea cosy. The pig presentations made us both happy – he because he loved to hear me protest that I DON’T COLLECT PIGS!!! and me because, well, just because…. Then one day he came back from a garage sale triumphantly carrying the pig plates. And he WOULDN’T give them to me. I begged him. But he said no, because he knew that I don’t collect pigs. I wheedled and wheedled, because even though I don’t collect pigs, I loved those plates with their little cups. No. Firmly no.

    And then one day much later, when we were in different cities, when my friend was quite ill and at the very end of his life, a package arrived for me. With the pig plates. And a note saying, “Because I know you collect pigs.” And I knew he was laughing as he wrote the note. And every time I use the plates, I silently yell up in his direction, “but I don’t collect pigs!!!” and it makes me happy.

And 10 bloggers who brighten my day (in alphabetical order):

happy 101 award - kind words, sweet thoughts, good times I know; some of you have already received this award. If this is your first time to receive this award (or you’ve received it already and want to do it again), please prepare your own lists of 10 things that make you happy and 10 bloggers who brighten your day. If you want. In your own time. Or not. Whatever makes you happiest.

(Being the mean sour sort of person I am, I must go on record to say what I really think of the award image. It’s just a little bit cute and care-bearish, don’t you think?

However, allow me to reiterate, I am very happy to be a recipient.)


Ha!!! Is the joke on us? It looks like our new juicer has been recalled officially.
Well, fiddly dee dee. I don’t care. We’re NOT going to stop using it! (Hey!! Should we try sending it in to get the replacement? :-))


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2 responses to “Happiness is… a new (to us) juicer

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Thank you Elizabeth, it makes me happy for you to think of me!
    That really is a most gorgeous pig story. Love that even in sadness there is joy and a wonderful memory.
    Dinner for dessert! We are thinking and eating along the same lines, oh yes, give me more garlic mashed potatoes the rest of the table can have dessert.

  2. katie

    Love the pig story…. We had a friend who DID collect pigs. He was an insurance agent and said all insurance agents were pigs and he just wanted to be surrounded by his own.
    We bought a juicer when we had the family visit in Spain – cheaper to buy oranges by the bag and a new juicer than to buy juice in cartons. Never made vegetable juice though…. Hmmm….
    As to the spinach, I’ve been getting gorgeous spinach at our green grocer. He asks ‘for how many’, I say 4, and it’s almost enough for the 2 of us.
    And thank you back ;-))


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