Happy Easter!

summary: Happy Easter!; new way to NOT dye eggs; Easter in our neighbourhood; yard sales have begun and purchases have been made

Easter Egg ©ejm2010

Recently, we have been getting the most beautiful brown farm eggs from a friend who lives on a farm just north of the city. And I thought, what if we boiled the eggs in water with coffee and onion skins in it (sort of like Haminados eggs but rather than simmering them for several hours, boil them for 10 minutes max) – to try to dye the eggs naturally to make the shells a more intense rich chocolatey brown?

This illustration depicts what I imagined we would produce.

Does this kind of thing happen to you? Do you produce the most amazingly beautiful things in your head as you’re just going to sleep? Sure that the actual thing will be even better than imagined?

Well. Is there a conspiracy for failure?

Maybe. First, we decided the onion skins wouldn’t really add much colour. We also forgot to keep the coffee grounds and put them immediately into the compost. But this last little detail didn’t really phase me. I was sure that substituting with tea would produce the same result.

Yes, I know. You’d think I’d learn by now! After all, I have already tried dying eggs naturally, using turmeric, beet juice and black beans, with rather disappointing results. To say the least.

Easter Eggs Well, here’s a big surprise. This is what comes of boiling brown eggs in tea. Darker brown, right? Rich darker brown, yes? Oh dear. Maybe not.

Happily, the taste was still good. (How could it not be? The eggs are from happy chickens.) After shelling the eggs, with varying degrees of success because of using the Hard Boiled Egg Party Trick on such fresh eggs, we served them with chili paste and thinly sliced pieces of multigrain toast.

Wait!! Did I say the taste was merely good? That is a bit of an understatement… the eggs were fabulous! (If you haven’t tried this combination yet, you really must!)

*Happy Easter! **

I do hope your Easter weekend has been as happy as ours!

The weather this week has been stunningly beautiful: 15 to 20C and sunny. We took full advantage of it on Saturday morning and rode our bikes through the neighbourhood admiring the crocusses and daffodils galore flourishing in gardens and stopping on Roncesvalles to get vegetables for dinner.

I love Roncesvalles on the day before Easter. It is full of happy people walking purposefully or just strolling along, stopping from time to time to chat and/or admire a store’s display. Many people are carrying baskets with elaborately embroidered cloths draped over the contents (sweet rolls, fruit, Easter eggs, etc.). I particularly like to see a whole family walking together, the dapperly dressed man with a little basket hung on his elbow as the children skip along between their parents, all headed to the Polish Catholic church nearby to have the baskets blessed. I believe I understood that it is Easter Sunday breakfast food in the baskets.

Outside the vegetable store, the curbside of the sidewalk was completely taken over with flower arrangements and potted plants for sale. It was a riot of colour: tulips, roses, lilies, daffodils, irises, fresia, etc. etc. And standing between the flower display and the vegetables and fruits arranged perfectly in their bins, there were groups of people, holding baskets, talking animatedly and exchanging smiles and happy greetings.

While we were bicycling home, we found a lawn sale and purchased a Moulinex juicer for $2 (yes, that’s TWO DOLLARS). We immediately made carrot ginger juice. T claims it is delicious. For me it was just healthdrink. We headed out briefly in the afternoon to get some apples and grapes to make real juice. Now THAT’S juice! (We did take photos of the juicer in action but I’m afraid they were hopelessly blurry.)

This winter was virtually snow-free (unlike three Easters ago and two years ago when we got masses of snow just AFTER Easter). So snow-free that I’m a little concerned about our perennials (I think all our mint might have died!) All over Toronto, we are seeing crocusses and forsythia in full bloom.

Except in our garden. Our crocusses are just emerging. And the forsythia? I still can’t tell if we’ll get blossoms this year or not.


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1 response to “Happy Easter!

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    $2! Steal! what a deal. You live near rich neighbors.
    Too much, falling asleep with such perfect creative dream images … the reality can be rude. Like your eggs.

    I know!! We couldn’t believe it either, Tanna. (We live near generous neighbours.) -Elizabeth


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