Have you made your Vinarterta yet?

summary: Cake Day; annual vinarterta making; disaster averted (again?!) (click on image to see larger views and more photos taken on previous Cake Days)

spread the filling In November, one of my sisters phoned me, ostensibly to ask advice about an herb substitution, but really to brag that she had finished her Christmas baking. Yes. She said she had finished. WHAT a show off.

And it made me realize that another sister and I hadn’t made Vínarterta yet. We immediately set up a date and just before the end of November, the cake was made.

Of course, we made a few slight changes. One was on purpose. The other was not. I bet you’re dying to know what the inadvertent change was, aren’t you?

I confess I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, considering that the recipe now has a handwritten note (in my writing) in the margin:

don't forget the vanilla

Don't forget the vanilla, STUPID!!!

We even put the vanilla onto the SCRABBLE table, just so we’d remember. And then, as I was opening the game drawer, I did something unprecedented. I pulled out a fun new card game. That’s right. We didn’t have time for my sister to trounce me at SCRABBLE!

And suddenly, it was time to put the filling between the layers. I glopped some on to the first layer, and miraculously noticed the vanilla bottle mocking me. We scraped as much as we could off the layer (dejavu all over again) back into the pot, stirred in the vanilla, quickly glued the layers together, wrapped the cakes and into their tins they went to age.

And we had still time for a couple of rounds of pick-up sticks. 🙂

You have played pick-up sticks recently, haven’t you? It’s a great game! (Although not so great, if your depth perception is going because you need new glasses…).

I can’t wait to taste this year’s cake to see if the small change we made is noticeable. (Nope, I’m not telling what we did. Not until everyone has tasted it.)

If you haven’t made Vinarterta yet, it’s still early enough. Happy cake making!

Just in case you’re wondering, once again I have lost my mind and am in the process of putting the finishing touches on this year’s

tiny holly ©ejm2005Advent calendartiny holly ©ejm2005

Don’t even think about peeking ahead!


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1 response to “Have you made your Vinarterta yet?

  1. Patricia

    You got me! I wasn’t really calling to ask for herb advice, it was solely to crow about finishing the baking. la la la!

    Am I ever glad that you did call! Your lemon rosemary shortbreads are wonderful! -Elizabeth


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