Hot Weather Dining

This heat wave continues. We are completely unaccustomed to it! But luckily, when T barbecued jerk chicken the other night, he barbecued four chicken legs instead of two so we would have leftovers. Cold barbecued jerk chicken was perfect for last night’s dinner! And I decided that it was high time I made potato salad.

Our potato salad is an amalgamation of two kinds of potato salad – a warm German and a regular cold mayonnaise based salad. And it calls for black olives, English cucumber, radishes, red onions and green beans as well as potatoes. It has been a while since I’ve made it… clearly I have problems with recipes that call for eyeballing amounts.

We found the loveliest small new red pototoes at our vegetable market. They were all about an inch in diameter. I boiled them whole and threw them into the olive oil and lemon dressing. (The aroma was fantastic!! We’re going to have to try serving warm potato salad soon!) I blanched the green beans and added them to the potato salad soup, hoping that would cut down a little on the liquid content. Nope.

Nobody ever TOLD me that cutting the potatoes in half would help to absorb some of the dressing!

So I put the bowl into the fridge thinking that sitting in the fridge for a while would help the vegetables to absorb some of the dressing. Nope.

I chopped up the rest of the vegetables and herbs (rats, no radishes – they looked rather sorry at the vegetable market so we decided to omit them) and added them along with some mayonnaise and a bit of plain yoghurt to the potato mixture. I thought that surely THIS would turn the soup into salad! Nope.

So I just gave instructions to serve the salad soup with a slotted spoon into a bowl. T did that AND he mixed some bread crumbs into his bowl as well. He claimed it was good. I preferred to leave mine as stew. And I have to say it was quite delicious. But I’m thinking that I should get some more of those lovely new red potatoes, boil them and add them to the leftovers so we can have potato salad for lunch tomorrow.

One of my friends is moving across the country and decided she didn’t want to pay the movers to take a large jar of unrefined salt from Brittany. Especially when she considered that she never really knew what to do with it. Consequently, I am now the proud owner of a liter jar of greyish seasalt crystals from Brittany. I used some of this salt to boil the potatoes for the salad soup that really was quite delicious, in spite of the fact that it was a little too loose.

2 responses to “Hot Weather Dining

  1. Moira

    Oh, NO! That is a tragedy of biblical proportions, Elizabeth– especially when you really wanted that potato salad. Those baby potatoes sound lovely, though!

    Gosh, it’s still very chilly here…down to about 40 degrees at night and up to only 55 or 60 degrees during the day. We still have the heat on and comforters on the beds! I’m not quite in the mood for potato salad yet, but hopefully that will change soon.

  2. ejm Post author

    Thank you for the sympathy, Moira. I’m sorry to hear that you still need to have comforters on the beds. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could send you just a little of our disgusting heat so we could all have lovely weather?

    The revolting heat continued so I redeemed myself by making potato salad again on Monday. This time I cut the red potatoes in half and sure enough, the oil and lemon juice got soaked up by the potatoes. The first soupy one tasted good but the second correct one had the right texture and tasted wonderful!

    (Fortunately the heatwave broke yesterday and there is a lovely cool breeze coming in through the window now)

    If it stays cool, I might have to try warm potato salad by stopping at the first stages of my potato salad recipe. Hot potatoes and green beans in olive oil and lemon juice dressing smells amazing! Perhaps a little fresh dill or maybe some summer savory as well.

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