I hate change…

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I hate change... Saveur Magazine recently changed its look. There was a lot of self-congratulation in the October2005 issue when it was announced. The big change to the cover was to take away the framed photograph (as on the December 2004 issue on the stand in the photograph) and switch to a photograph covering the whole cover with lettering superimposed over top (as on the December 2005 issue lying down in the photograph).

Now I know that I’m very resistant to change. So I have really tried to give the new version a chance. (I have tried; I promise.) But it’s three issues later and I still dislike it. I mean really. Look at the new one. It looks like every other magazine on the rack. What a bore.

And inside is not much better. It is difficult to tell the difference between advertisement and article. The fonts are similar. The photos for articles look very much like photos for advertisements. In the December2005 issue, the table of contents doesn’t begin until page 9. There are a full eight pages of advertisements. And then the first article, entitled “First”, starts on page twenty – maybe the article should be entitled “Twentieth”. I do understand that the money we pay for our subscriptions doesn’t come close to paying for the magazine’s production and that they count on advertisers to allow them to produce this beautiful glossy magazine. But, but, but… well, you know.

Luckily, just as I was completely losing heart and wondering if I had been foolish to renew my subscription two months before, I read a lovely piece by Margo True in the December2005 issue on making strudel. I guess I’ll just have to learn to ignore the ugly cover design and figure out a way to distinguish advertisements from actual content.

I hate change...


Is it possible that they have seen the light?! Look at the latest issue that recently arrived in the mail! I can live with that!

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I hate change... Now there is just the navigation to complain about!! I wonder if the layout people even look at the text. Here is one really remarkable page. I added arrows to show where one is supposed to go to read the stories that are on the page. Confused??? (Whee!!) I was….


I hate change...Edit 21 January 2006 13:08 EST:

This is where I really started having problems.

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2 responses to “I hate change…

  1. bing

    Snort. I think the magazine should have published the version with the helpful navigation lines. (I have to confess that I saw the photograph before I saw your text about it, and I thought the coloured lines were part of the magazine’s “layout”. I figured it was a desperate attempt on the part of the magazine to be funky, to attract a new audience.) Double snort.

    Does Saveur have the feature I most loathe about magazines? Putting the last part of an article at the back, with no indication of how to get back to where you were originally. I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something.

  2. ejm Post author

    I must say that I was rather pleased with myself with the coloured line demo. I’m afraid that I found myself laughing out loud when I had finished. (But I wasn’t laughing initially. I really did have to spend WAY too long trying to figure out where each little story continued.) T has said that I should email SAVEUR to bring it to their attention. In fact, I should add added a small snip of the actual page to show where I was most confused while trying to read ‘3’ and ‘4’.

    Yes, I hate that style of finishing an article way at the back as well. Luckily the new layout people at Saveur haven’t heard about that feature.

    Generally, short articles are all on the same page or continue on the next one. There are a couple of instances with “continued two pages later” because of a photo essay pertaining to the article. And they also very handily put page numbers whenever they refer to related articles.

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