I hope we DON’T break the record

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It appears that this most recent snow storm has finally finished (for now). 30 cm fell in our neighbourhood since yesterday. But who knows how much drifting occurred?! Two of the major highways north of the city were closed in the very early morning, due to windy conditions and blowing snow making any ploughed sections immediately unploughed, not to mention whiteout conditions.

How do I know that the highways were closed? I was up north for work yesterday and couldn’t get home until today. Happily, friends let me sleep on their floor. We had a great time drinking their homemade beer (fabulous medium dark beer – lots of burnt sugar taste but not at all too sweet tasting) and being amazed at the snow falling almost horizontally outside the living room window. Yes, we were warm as toast in the house surrounded by mountainous drifts of snow.

excerpt from CTV news 9 March 2008:

The total snowfall put [Toronto] in line to set a new record. The current record, set 70 years ago, is 207 centimetres. On Sunday Environment Canada said Toronto’s new snowfall amount is 189.6 centimetres.

Where can I place my vote to allow the record to stay where it belongs in 1938? As far as I’m concerned, there is no need for more snow this season (and especially not in the next season of spring that is supposedly arriving on 21 March).

I cannot believe that we do not have any photographic record of T’s fabulous broccoli with fermented black beans! Remind me to fix that….
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3 responses to “I hope we DON’T break the record

  1. Mats Flemstrom

    I find that my attitude towards large amounts of snow is completely related to my use of my car.
    I don’t use it very much now; snow? who cares! It never gets to the point where I cannot walk.
    In the past, when I drove 60km/day, I would think of snow as an enemy of my well-being; now it’s just pretty. Even if one just has to get somewhere, it’s rare that public transit stops.
    Still, if you work 100’s of km from home, it’s tough.

  2. Muse in the Kitchen

    We shoveled our way out today because we ran out of coffee (to what heights we must go …). The rest of the weekend, we’ve been cocooned, toasty warm inside. Snow always is much much better when you’re inside and have no intentions of going anywhere, I think!



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