I loathe mystery meat

I’m talking about spam. For ages, I didn’t have to see any of it because I had the “Spam Karma” plugin installed. It worked wonderfully. I loved it so much that I even sent the plugin author a donation. Sadly, this excellent plugin is no longer being supported.

I’ve tried to add some trick questions to trap the bots and the poor pathetic humans who are so in need of money that they actually go to various unprotected wordpresses to fill in the bot checker forms manually. Unfortunately, the trick questions were stopping legitimate commenters from posting responses. But the spammers were still getting through

So I just broke down. I’ve installed Akismet. I’m not wild about using a remote checker but there it is.

(I’ve set this post to “no comments” – no need.)

Now excuse me while I go and have some really fabulous hummus. I’ll tell you about it soon.