I think I have finally gotten rid of the stray Âs

Can it be true?? After hours of angst, combing the wordpress forums, and pitifully begging for a solution to how to decipher sql in various forums, I finally managed to finish (I think) this latest wordpress upgrade, which included having to change all the sql table collations from latin1 to utf-8.

After having to restore the database TWICE to the older version and each time ending up with more and more frightening characters, I installed the wordpress “Search & Replace” Plugin and changed all (I think…) instances of non-ASCII letters to their character entities.

And then, third time lucky, I got the instructions at
mydigitallife.info: how to convert character set and collation of wordpress database to work for me! Whoohoooooo!!

And now I’m going to use “Search & Replace” to put them back. Or do I need to bother? :lalala: It would be much better to post about “steak and kidney pie”, wouldn’t it?

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6 responses to “I think I have finally gotten rid of the stray Âs

  1. katie

    I vote for the pie…

    Good plan, Katie!! Now, if work weren’t getting in the way, I would add another candidate to rival the pie – our exciting adventures with beets. (Must just ignore the fact that the “recent comments” aren’t getting updated automatically on the sidebar. Focus on the food. Focus on the food….) -Elizabeth

  2. ejm Post author

    might have just fixed this recent comments thing… (unchecked “cache the output” in the settings)

    edit: Yay!! It worked! Now onto beets – as soon as I get the photos out of the camera AND finish my other work….

  3. Daniel Noll

    I’m in the midst of similar angst. I came here from MyDigitalLife, hoping to see a real-life example of someone taking their advice step by step. Do I understand correctly that you used the Search and Replace plugin also? Successfully?
    Thanks and happy eating.

  4. ejm Post author

    I did use the Search and Replace plugin, Daniel, but the whole process wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. I have to confess that I found the admin area of Search and Replace to be quite confusing.

    But, for the most part, I managed to get rid of those annoying Âs, etc. (Do I remember what I did though???)



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