in praise of carbohydrates and butterfat

We had a few left-over boiled potatoes and decided to have a variation of one of our favourite omelettes this morning, using potato, onion and cheddar cheese. We sliced the potato and then sauteed it in butter, along with the chopped onion. (When I say “we”, in this case I mean “he” – I just watched.) Then the egg was added to make the omelette. The cheese was put in the center. In another pan, we fried some ham from our favourite Polish butcher who smokes all of the hams he sells (he makes brilliant ham). All of this was served with lots of buttered toast (yes, I did make the bread…). And good strong coffee with plenty of cream. What a fabulous breakfast.

An aside: When oh when are people going to forget about this low-carb craze? We bought some Hellmann’s mayonnaise the other day and saw on the label “0% carbohydrates”. Since when did mayonnaise ever have any carbohydrates, anyway?? Sheesh.

edited on Thursday, 10 February, 2005: I just found out about the crossblog EoMEoTE. (Read the EoMEoTE#3 roundup). If only I’d known!! 6 February is basically the end of the month, isn’t it??

3 responses to “in praise of carbohydrates and butterfat

  1. Patricia

    I once saw a flower seller have an ad outside the shop saying: Flowers: no carb, no fat, send some today

    An another sign at a gardening store:
    Low Carb Weed and Feed
    Hey, why not?

    I also once saw some jam that said No Fat!! like there is EVER fat in jam?

    If people want to lower their carb intake, can’t they just do that by having fewer pieces of bread or fewer potatoes, less rice? How hard is that to do?

  2. ejm Post author

    I love the low carb weed and feed sign! What I can’t understand is why some people want to lower their carb intake so drastically. Take a look at the people who live in India and China. Their diet is very high in carbs and yet there are very few fat people.

    The overweight bozos who have chosen the low-carb diet should try the everything-in-moderation diet along with doing a little exercise if they want to lose weight.

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