Isolation Baking by Jamie Schler

Isolation Baking by Jamie Schler

Isolation Baking
Recipes from my (post)confinement kitchen

by Jamie Schler

Isolation Baking is a collection of Jamie Schler’s favorite recipes, comforting to elegant, simple to surprising. Jamie, food writer and cookbook author, created these dishes, breads, snacks, and desserts over the years to share with family and friends; during the coronavirus pandemic, she shared them on social media as a way to feed others and to bring together a community of friends and followers who, cooking and baking together, felt less isolated. Now she has put them together in her Isolated Baking cookbook.

The book is now available to download from Apple Books:

I really want everyone – everyone – to download and have a copy of my e-cookbook. A small donation to the hotel will be more than appreciated, but don’t worry at all if you can’t… a nice review on Apple Books will be loved as much. And make my recipes!
– Jamie Schler, Twitter, 29 April 2020

Jamie Schler and her husband own and run l’Hôtel Diderot in Chinon, France.

Jamie is offering the e-cookbook for free; but if you would like to make a small donation to her hotel you can paypal