it’s not that we haven’t been eating…

I keep meaning to post here. I really do. My only excuse is that… ummmm, I don’t really have any excuse.

Last night we had the MOST brilliant dinner. It has been insanely warm here this month (I’m not complaining, even though I should probably be concerned at the lack of snow) so we decided to barbecue porkchops. T put Western spicerub (see recipe for spicerub #1) on the chops. It was pretty amazing to be standing outside gazing at the night sky while the chops cooked.

I confess that I got just a little bit chilly and felt just a tiny bit silly – perhaps because I was wearing a hat, jacket and wool shawl – but on my barefeet, I only had sandals. Really, it is ridiculously warm this month!!

It was lovely outside but even more lovely to come inside to dine on chops, steamed broccoli and spaghettini tossed in olive oil, garlic, capers and oven-dried tomatoes from earlier this year.

Did I mention that the dinner was brilliant?

I’ll post some photos soon. I promise. Maybe it will even be before the new year. :hohoho: :lalala: :hohoho:
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