Jamming: it just calls for improvisation

summary: what to do about missing rack in bottom of canning pot; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

jamming I am pleased to report that we now have everything necessary to proceed with jamming, without having to race from neighbour to neighbour begging for utensils and large pots.

And speaking of large pots, our wonderful neighbour who lent us her giant pot, saying “And there’s NO rush to return this. Keep it as long as you like” has very kindly and generously given us the pot. With the proviso that she can borrow it if she needs it. How great is that? And how great is she?! (We love our neighbours!)

So. Now we have everything we need. Well, everything EXCEPT for the metal insert to put into the bottom of the pot. So far, we have found round footed 9 inch racks, round footed 13 inch racks, pizza pans with rounded edges and pasta pot liners (expensive!!!). Our pot is just over 11 inches in diameter.

Last time, my sister and I used a tea towel in the bottom of the pot when processing. I wasn’t wild about boiling our teatowels every time (not that there’s anything wrong with boiling teatowels, it’s just a bit of a drag).

jamming So for the next jamming session, I arranged lids on the bottom of the pot as the hardware store guy’s mother had done. And it works pretty well. However, the pot isn’t quite large (or small) enough to hold rings all across the bottom. Even with two different sized lids in the center area, the surface was just a little unstable, making the center area of the pot unusable. What to do. What to do.

Cookie cutters! Metal cookie cutters!!

jamming Yup. They work very well. (I’d still like to have just one rack though.)

I used the cookie cutter method to make plum jam yesterday afternoon. Very very tart plum jam. But it’s quite delicious nonetheless. And there’s not nearly enough. It only made 3 jars.

(Good to know: 1 kilo of plums makes about 3 jars of jam.)

We went out immediately to buy more plums. We got some apricots too, while we were at it.

Bingo!!! Today, when we were in Chinatown, we found a round 10 inch footed stainless steel rack that fits exactly in the bottom of our pot. For the exorbitant fee of $2.49. How thrilled am I?

We stopped to get a few more apricots on the way back from Chinatown. Because one can never have too much apricot jam. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment on jamming (well… it’s exciting to me anyway :stomp:). Naturally, I’ll include a photo of our wonderful new rack.

edit: jamming This 10″ rack fits EXACTLY into the pot.

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1 response to “Jamming: it just calls for improvisation

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Jammin’ is all about letting it happen ;-) and yes I think it’s exiting too. Especially like the heart cookie cutters for the center, very appropo.

    Ha. I hadn’t thought of that, Tanna. The hearts in the heart of the pot DO make perfect sense. :-) -Elizabeth


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