Jerk chicken with rice and ‘peas’

Last night we had the most wonderful jerk chicken with rice and “peas” that we saw being made on foodTV’s “Sara’s Secrets”. We soaked kidney beans overnight because we prefer their texture to canned but I’m sure it would still have been really good with canned kidney beans. We also added a bit of grated coconut.

The scotch bonnets that we got from the Carribean green grocer were really plump and beautiful – also insanely hot. They really are hotter than any pepper I’ve ever had! (well, maybe not hotter than those birdseye peppers we got in an outdoor market in Italy but that’s another story…) But when combined with the rice, beans and chicken, the dinner didn’t turn out to be the tearing firey fix that we thought it was going to be. It was brilliant.

I can’t wait til the snow melts off of the barbecue cover so that we can have this again and grill the chicken outside. Is winter EVER going to end?