kale chips

summary: kale chips; magnetic poetry for spring: RePoWriMo; today’s poem; (click on image for larger view)

collard greens Where was it that we first saw (or heard) someone say that kale chips are the new potato chips? Apparently, once you’ve had kale chips, you’ll choose them before potato chips (or “crisps”, if you prefer).

And not so long ago, we came across this notion again on Shauna’s (Gluten Free Girl) site:

These kale chips have a strange, mesmerizing texture. Want to know what it is? Potato chips. When you cook them just long enough, before they brown and taste bitter, the leaves shatter between your teeth. […] For a moment, you might think you are eating potato chips. […]These days, I prefer this to potato chips, any time.

– Shauna, ‘baked kale chips’, glutenfreegirl.com

We decided we had to try kale chips!

We really like kale in bubbly squeak but had never tried making chips out of it before. While the photo doesn’t really show how crispy the kale gets, it is quite crispy but still a little chewy. The flavour? A little iron-like yet not unpleasant. Quite good really.

But whoever it was who said that kale chips can replace potato chips is mistaken….

Here’s the method we followed:

We omitted the paprika and garlic mentioned in Shauna’s recipe. Hmmm, perhaps we need to try making kale chips again.

But before we do that, excuse me will I compose today’s Magnetic Poetry. Don’t forget to write yours too! :-)

magnetic poetryRePoWriMo 2011

Have I mentioned how much I like magnetic poetry? (Hint: I confess that it’s a little more than kale chips.)

Here are your tiles for round 4 in alphabetical order:

bed cool diamond egg head
ing is it languid mother
must s sweat them they
though to who why with

For how to play, please see the Magnetic Poetry Rules. For more information about RePoWriMo, please read the following:


Of course, you will want to compose your poem(s) before seeing what I did. Here is mine using the above words

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7 responses to “kale chips

  1. Rhino Writer

    Ugh! This is a tough one. And I know you frown on punctuation marks, but this is my second try and it just doesn’t work without the comma. Not that it works so well anyway….

    languid egghead mother
    cool diamond
    sweating though, they must bed
    with who
    it’s them

    I like yours! Much better than mine. And thanks for the review of kale chips – they are all the rage right now and I’ve been sceptical but haven’t tried them. Your description sounds like I would think they taste. Good to know.

    Yes, I was expecting something much more thrilling, RW. I didn’t think the kale chips were at all like potato chips. They tasted exactly like crunchy kale. -ejm (I think your poem is fine. I really like the “languid egghead mother” and find myself wondering if it’s the mother who is an egghead or if she is the mother of an egghead. And does this distinction change the meaning of the poem?)

  2. ejm Post author

    Excuse me for replying to my own post. I tried and tried to use all the words today but just couldn’t help but have leftovers:

    [diamond] [head] [why] [with]

    Hmmm, should I be adding the leftovers to the next round?

    today’s poem(s)


  3. T

    sweat though they must
    with cool bed s

    who is it languid diamond mother

    I’m constantly amazed at how different the poems are. I really like “sweat though they must” -ejm

  4. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Must remember to do these kale chips; they’ve been on my list forever it would seem.

    I’m very curious to hear what you think, Tanna. Will you too put whatever is left into an omelette or muffins, once you’ve tasted them? -Elizabeth

  5. Baking Soda

    Í’ve tried, I;ve tried… had a very large pan full of eh kale something. And then we had a bowl full of kale something. The family looked at me and I looked at the bowl… emptied the contents in the trash. No kale chips. Brrr.
    Beet root chips however…. Yum! (honestly too much work but entirely yummy)

    I’m with you on the beet chips, Karen; they’re wonderful. (It’s just using the mandoline to slice them that gives me the heebie-jeebies.) And while I didn’t have quite as strong a reaction as you and your family to kale chips, I didn’t loathe them. I’m not sure we’ll be racing to make them again though. -Elizabeth

  6. FoodieWifeTO

    Kale Chips is so hot now!…. I saw a package (crumbled might I add) for $6.99 … Definitely going to try at home. Also, glad to have finally stopped in for a visit. I noticed your wonderful comments on my blog. Thanks again and stay in touch.

    $6.99?!! That’s insane. I hope it was a giant package. -ejm


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