apricot linzertorte

linzertorte (photo tph 2005) This year’s Linzertorte. I assembled the tart a couple of days before and baked it on Christmas afternoon. (I can’t believe it! I just realized that I forgot to add the Kirsch! It still tasted really good though.)

And yes!! That was taken with our new camera on Christmas Day. It is almost the first photo taken… we’re still learning about it but have finally got the software installed so we can now upload pictures to the internet. Whoohoo!!!

3 responses to “apricot linzertorte

  1. Jeanne

    Woo hoo!!! A camera!! Pictures!!! Now you will have a whole new way to waste time at the computer ;-) Seriously though, it was such a great surprise to pop your blog and find pictures – not that your mouth-watering descritions weren’t enough to drive us wild…

    Look forward to your first pictorial entry for EoMEoTE :o)

  2. ejm Post author

    Ha. As if I need “a whole new way to waste time at the computer”. I already have a Ph.D in timewasting, you know.

    But yes, I’m pretty excited that we have a camera at last. I’m glad to hear you are too, Jeanne. And as for pictorial entry for the next EoMEoTE – oh boy, if we can pull off what I hope we can pull off, I think you won’t be disappointed. :-D

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